Sunday, 28 June 2015

Colony 87

Axiom over at Magpie and old lead has done that thing that many gamers dream of doing. He had a dream of getting some figures made that meet his own personal specification. In this case he wanted some civilians to fit into a sci-fi setting. He got designs done. He got minis sculpted and he set up a kickstarted

Sunday, 21 June 2015


Over the past couple of months I've been burning with envy as some of my fellow bloggers managed to get the their hands on rare old confrontation figures.  Asslessman and Leadplague got all four of the Venators from the Marauder confrontation range and did a lovely job of painting them up. He's also started doing a Helmawr gang as well. Meanwhile Axiom over at Magpie and Old Lead has been building up a gang of Ash waste nomads. As I've discussed before the whole Marauder range of Confrontation gangs was apparently only ever on sale at US Gamesday '91. They covered Ashwaste Nomads, Scavvies, Tech-gangers, Venators and Psykers and were designed by Trish and Aly Morrison (the citadel releases covered Scavvies and Techs as well but also standard gangs, Bratts and Ratskins and as far as I can tell were designed by messers Perry, Copplestone and Goodwin)

As you are no doubt aware, Confrontation predated Necromunda by at least 6 years and several sections of the rules were published in White Dwarf. Rumour is that up to 80 figures were designed for the game. I can identify about 60 odd (stuff of legends and Collecting Citadel wiki) and a lot of us are keen to get our hands on them cos, well, we're obsessive about that kind of thing.

So, I'm here to celebrate the fact that that I've managed to put together a whole gang of these elusive figures. Hooray for me!

So here they are. The Psyker gang. Four baldy headed Tefal heads ready to fry the brains of any scummy ganger daring to step foot on their territory!

more after the cut

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

There's only four of them.....

The boss had heard rumours about all sorts of showy types finding a route to some long lost planets or some such nonsense. He reckoned he knew a bloke who knew a bloke that had mentioned something about some gadget that the navigators would need to get through the passage. The boss reckoned we could sell it to the highest bidder and make a ton of gelt! So, we gets to the place where this bloke is and we fake a radiation leak so all the locals run off to the hills so that we can  just walk in and take what we need. 
Trouble is, some flouncy tart and her pet mercs arrived at the same time. And she brought an ogryn as well. Still there was only four of them and we had Tiny as well. 
Didn't expect one of the little dog boys to be packing a plasma cannon! Some of the boys took a hit right in the face! 
Frazzled they was! 
We dropped smoke grenades to try and sneak round them but the bloody wind kept changing. Then the boss and Tiny managed to get a shot at the bitch. She didn't even see it coming! Tiny opened up and winged her but she didn't go down. The boss only singed the ogryn before it turned round and....
Poor boss. I've never seen Tiny look so confused. All the way back to the lander he just kept asking 'but where's the boss'. Poor boss. 
There was only four of them! 

Antipixi brought his tooled up Rogue Trader and her two doggy mercs plus a bad ass ogryn. I only had to kill off one of them to make them start taking bottle tests. Unfortunately Chris managed to kill off 5 of my crew and after offing my boss the Pirates bottled it and scarpered! 

Monday, 15 June 2015

Whoa there big Fella! - Kick-starting my mojo!

Sometimes you just get out of the habit of painting and you just can't face picking up a brush. The piles of little metal men nag at the back of your mind begging to be considered or even just remembered.
Even sadder are the undercoated figures that are lined up in awkward places around your home. So achingly close to being daubed on that their monochrome pain screams at you every time you walk past.
The submerged desperation of the poor alloy souls in the tub of liquid cleaning chemicals can callously be ignored as they are hidden under the surface and, in some cases, a lid.
The most painful of all, however, must be the hopeful little sculptures who have had there hopes raised by having paint applied and in some cases, more than one colour. Some have been given a wash or had highlights carefully applied. But there hopes of a frenetic life on a pretend battle field have been cruelly dashed as, after a short period of attention, they have been abandoned, left to gather dust as the paint brush in the sky continues to refuse to return.
So sad

Monday, 8 June 2015

30,000 years of barbarism

Every so often I get round to reading stuff that I should have read years ago. Moorcock is one that I'm slowly warming to as is Iain M Banks, and another is Asimov. God knows why I've never really gone for sci-fi novels. I read a fair bit of fantasy when I was a kid but Vonnegut, Lovecraft and Adams was the nearest I got to science fiction. So I'm making up for that now. As well as indulging my love of graphic novels with the Incal and the Metabarons (more of which later!) I decided to pick up Isaac Asimov's Foundation series. And boy am I glad I did!

I'm going to assume that you don't need a review of the book so instead I'm going delve straight into what I find so fun about reading it. It's influence on 40k.

Tuesday, 2 June 2015


The wagon is finished (well, nearly). I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out. There are some details I want to add but I can do them at my leisure. For the moment it's ready to roll and will hopefully be taking on Erny's mob sometime soon.

Getting ready for Bring Out Your Lead

So, on the first weekend of August I'll been meeting up with a fine body of men (and the occasional woman) and playing lots of silly games of toy soldiers at Wargames Foundry's HQ. Here is some promotional material.

That should be all the info you need!

Now, being the enthusiastic type, every time someone came up with the idea for a game I virtually put my hand up ans shouted "I want to play!" but unfortunately time doesn't work like that and has decided to mess with my plans.

Here is a rough layout of the games for saturday and sunday courtesy of gaz from Warhammer for adults (not to be confused with the FB group of a similar name!) .

As you can see Warhammer ahoy will be going on all weekend and my initial enthusiasm (and spending) has been tempered by wanting to get stuck into other games so I'm going to have to take a swerve on the nauticals.

I had said that i'd play in the Journey to the east game as well but I've got nothing painted and Richard is buggering off to mongolia in real life so that's kind of put the Kibosh on that too.

So what am I playing then?

Do rogue traders dream of electric goats is being run by the lovely JB form leadplague and will be a bit of a bladerunner / rogue trader mash up inspired by last years highlanderesque game.

Rogue Trader Vs. fallout is a late entry for me but is' as it's name suggests, an RT game with a theme based on the Fallout series of Video games and is being run by Legioscustodes of the Oldhammer40K blog.

The Wacky Races Massacre Presents Deathrace 40,000 is a Nitrous fuelled RT road race mayhem game with god knows how many competitors being run by Captain Crooks who is dragging his family all the way from the other side of the world to run. Good ol' cappy!

In addition to this, if I'm allowed out early on the Friday I'll be taking part in a Judge Dredd romp laid on by the ever hospitable Chico.

And I'll be bringing along the scenery for the Vulture Warriors game along with the figures supplied by Erny and Dral so we'll be squeezing that in somewhere as well.

If I had any sort of organisational skills whatsoever I'd be well on top of these projects and would be able to show you at least one or maybe even two finished projects and Wips of all the rest. But I'm a gamer and we all know what that means. Yup. I've left it all till the last minute. Shit.

To be fair I've not painted much recently as Junior Whiskey mark4 has been keeping us up at night for the last couple of months and I've just not had the where withal to pick up a brush and make a go of things. I do have an increasing pile of stuff that I've managed to undercoat or glue together but actually finishing a paint job hasn't happened since start of April! Jeez has it been that long?

Last night I actually started on some figures however. My figures for JB's game have been started, but I'm not sure if I'm allowed to show you them......

I've got bits coming to build the supermutants for the Fallout game.

I've got the basics of a vehicle for the Wacky Races game but have yet to start customising it (despite working on orky vehicles!)

And I've glued together some Kleggs for the Judge Dredd game.

Further installments will appear as soon as I've done something.

Monday, 1 June 2015

And the winner is.......

Last week I posted a little competition to celebrate the fact that 150 of you lovely folks had decided to follow me humble wee blog (2 more people have joined since, Cheery wave to newbies!).

I asked you to leave a comment and give me an idea of what you were working on so that I could convert and paint a miniature to send to you as a thankyou.

30 of you left messages (and chico left two!) and I chucked the number 30 into and it spat out the number 6 which, counting from the top, gives the prize to the Responsible one! of

He said
"Just trying to clear the decks at the moment to start some serious work on either my Inquisitorial warbands or my Dark Angels - just not decided which to start with yet!"

So Mr One. I've got a figure in mind for either of those two projects, just drop me a line and let me know which you'd prefer or if you want me to make your mind up for you. Then we can sort out getting it sent to you at some point.

Thanks again for everybody's continued interest in my meanderings. 

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