Sunday, 21 June 2015


Over the past couple of months I've been burning with envy as some of my fellow bloggers managed to get the their hands on rare old confrontation figures.  Asslessman and Leadplague got all four of the Venators from the Marauder confrontation range and did a lovely job of painting them up. He's also started doing a Helmawr gang as well. Meanwhile Axiom over at Magpie and Old Lead has been building up a gang of Ash waste nomads. As I've discussed before the whole Marauder range of Confrontation gangs was apparently only ever on sale at US Gamesday '91. They covered Ashwaste Nomads, Scavvies, Tech-gangers, Venators and Psykers and were designed by Trish and Aly Morrison (the citadel releases covered Scavvies and Techs as well but also standard gangs, Bratts and Ratskins and as far as I can tell were designed by messers Perry, Copplestone and Goodwin)

As you are no doubt aware, Confrontation predated Necromunda by at least 6 years and several sections of the rules were published in White Dwarf. Rumour is that up to 80 figures were designed for the game. I can identify about 60 odd (stuff of legends and Collecting Citadel wiki) and a lot of us are keen to get our hands on them cos, well, we're obsessive about that kind of thing.

So, I'm here to celebrate the fact that that I've managed to put together a whole gang of these elusive figures. Hooray for me!

So here they are. The Psyker gang. Four baldy headed Tefal heads ready to fry the brains of any scummy ganger daring to step foot on their territory!

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This guy I've had for yonks and he regularly appears as part of my sensei war band and he was the first of the Marauder figures I'd ever actually seen. When I played the game when I was 15 I only knew about the citadel releases and never even new the Marauder range existed until I saw this figure.

This guy I've had for a while as well. Armed with a lasgun he may well just be a sympathiser rather than an actual Psyker but we'll have wait till we roll the gang up to find out. I haven't painted him as I had decided that I wanted to wait till I collected the rest of the gang and then get stuck in.

This is one of the two figures that arrived through my door this week. This guys outfit seems to be quite intricate. A body suit of some sort with various decorated panels attached by webbing and a nice fur shrug as well as the ubiquitous collar. This is the only guy in the gang wearing shades so is obviously the coolest of the crew.

This guy has the oddest pose in the gang and up until now I couldn't figure out what he was armed with. Now I've got him in my hand I can see that that he has a sawn off double-barrelled shotgun and a short sword. His strange furry collar hanging over his shoulders makes him look a bit odd but I'm sure I'll cope.

The Psyker rules in Confrontation aren't that exciting. The leader is always a psyker but the others have a 50% chance of being psyker or simply a helper/gang member. The actual powers are fairly similar to the ones available in Necromunda and/or Rogue trader.

In addition to the Psykers I've also got two of the Tech gang. The above guy with a hand flamer is smiling psychotically.

And this guy is toting and pretty old school lasgun. I'm going to keep going and see if i can get the other two and as mentioned in my Scavvy post I'd love to get my hands on the those as well (I've got the citadel ones in my scary gang already!).

I'll no doubt show them off again when I get them painted. Hopefully soon. And with all these gangs floating about we should really organise a nice big get together to play and a confrontation campaign weekend (possibly the first to be played in 25 years!)

Cheers the now.....


  1. That bald headed dude with the panelled armour plates looks great! Fantastic lookin mini. Nice unique collection you've got there.

    Any idea on colour schemes?

    1. I quite like the purple and yellow so I'll probably try to keep them in the mix somewhere while trying to avoid them looking too chaotic. Sticking to 3 main colours like on the painted guy seems to work but we'll just see how the fancy takes me.

  2. Hooray for you indeed! Little treasure you got there!

  3. A new in blister pack of these guys just went for $90 US on Ebay... a pity, as I was hoping it would pass unnoticed and my lowball bid would win! (and a tech gang blister from the same seller went for $58)

  4. Looks great, love the minis, and it strange but Confrontation stil holds its own even now. A great game.

  5. Always thought, (based on the fairly awful pics on solegends), that the guy with the plasma pistol looked like the most bad ass space pimp around. Thanks for confirming my suspicions :) If you don't mind me asking, how much did you pay for him?


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