Tuesday, 2 June 2015


The wagon is finished (well, nearly). I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out. There are some details I want to add but I can do them at my leisure. For the moment it's ready to roll and will hopefully be taking on Erny's mob sometime soon.

Last time you saw it I'd just undercoated it black. In the above pick you can see a couple of layers of metals (what used to be tin bitz and bolt gun metal, lord knows what they call them now) followed by some rust pigments. There were some more layers of metal after that.

Then on with the red. I've always figured that orks would be fairly slap dash with the paint work. I can't see them building ramshackle vehicles only to spend months on the paint job. I reckon it's half a dozen grots with some paint squigs and an impatient boss boy. As soon as it's red enough it's off zooming into battle.

Here are some comparison pics so that folk who like that kind of thing can size up the alternatives. Above is the armourcast battlewagon so that you can contrast. 

And here we have the current trukk alongside the old battlewagon. 

And here's what it'll look like from your rear view mirror.

Right. Where's the loot? 


  1. I hate auto correct. It should have been turkks

  2. Good save of an epic vehicle!

  3. It looks fab, just can't wait to rain hell on it from above B)

  4. Great job as always, the beaten up paint looks great. Your technique for ork metal is awesome, totally going to steal that for a bad moons speed paint.
    I can't remember but were there optional front tire guards on the armourcast battle wagon or did was it a ram bar? Im getting old, cool 90's stuff being replaced with army formations, warlord traits and other things not Oldhammer. NOT cool.

  5. Awesome work with such orkie goodness. Seeya at the races!

  6. Awesome work with such orkie goodness. Seeya at the races!

  7. Really grand work! The rust and weathering are brilliant. They really come out in the photo with the badlands terrain. Good hunting!

  8. Awesome models and excellent paintings, orkish style !

  9. Waaagh! Those ar' luvly!!


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