Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Getting ready for Bring Out Your Lead

So, on the first weekend of August I'll been meeting up with a fine body of men (and the occasional woman) and playing lots of silly games of toy soldiers at Wargames Foundry's HQ. Here is some promotional material.

That should be all the info you need!

Now, being the enthusiastic type, every time someone came up with the idea for a game I virtually put my hand up ans shouted "I want to play!" but unfortunately time doesn't work like that and has decided to mess with my plans.

Here is a rough layout of the games for saturday and sunday courtesy of gaz from Warhammer for adults (not to be confused with the FB group of a similar name!) .

As you can see Warhammer ahoy will be going on all weekend and my initial enthusiasm (and spending) has been tempered by wanting to get stuck into other games so I'm going to have to take a swerve on the nauticals.

I had said that i'd play in the Journey to the east game as well but I've got nothing painted and Richard is buggering off to mongolia in real life so that's kind of put the Kibosh on that too.

So what am I playing then?

Do rogue traders dream of electric goats is being run by the lovely JB form leadplague and will be a bit of a bladerunner / rogue trader mash up inspired by last years highlanderesque game.

Rogue Trader Vs. fallout is a late entry for me but is' as it's name suggests, an RT game with a theme based on the Fallout series of Video games and is being run by Legioscustodes of the Oldhammer40K blog.

The Wacky Races Massacre Presents Deathrace 40,000 is a Nitrous fuelled RT road race mayhem game with god knows how many competitors being run by Captain Crooks who is dragging his family all the way from the other side of the world to run. Good ol' cappy!

In addition to this, if I'm allowed out early on the Friday I'll be taking part in a Judge Dredd romp laid on by the ever hospitable Chico.

And I'll be bringing along the scenery for the Vulture Warriors game along with the figures supplied by Erny and Dral so we'll be squeezing that in somewhere as well.

If I had any sort of organisational skills whatsoever I'd be well on top of these projects and would be able to show you at least one or maybe even two finished projects and Wips of all the rest. But I'm a gamer and we all know what that means. Yup. I've left it all till the last minute. Shit.

To be fair I've not painted much recently as Junior Whiskey mark4 has been keeping us up at night for the last couple of months and I've just not had the where withal to pick up a brush and make a go of things. I do have an increasing pile of stuff that I've managed to undercoat or glue together but actually finishing a paint job hasn't happened since start of April! Jeez has it been that long?

Last night I actually started on some figures however. My figures for JB's game have been started, but I'm not sure if I'm allowed to show you them......

I've got bits coming to build the supermutants for the Fallout game.

I've got the basics of a vehicle for the Wacky Races game but have yet to start customising it (despite working on orky vehicles!)

And I've glued together some Kleggs for the Judge Dredd game.

Further installments will appear as soon as I've done something.


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  2. Shit! Sorry Richard. My big fat thumbs has removed your comment and I can't get it back. Stupid small iPhone screen!

  3. Great looking lineup. I had the same reaction to the Oldhammer USA schedule. "Why can't I play them all?" Right now I'm struggling to put together my long languishing O & G army. I really want to see pics of the Forenrod's Last Stand game as I've been toying with the idea of building the forces for that.


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