Monday, 15 June 2015

Whoa there big Fella! - Kick-starting my mojo!

Sometimes you just get out of the habit of painting and you just can't face picking up a brush. The piles of little metal men nag at the back of your mind begging to be considered or even just remembered.
Even sadder are the undercoated figures that are lined up in awkward places around your home. So achingly close to being daubed on that their monochrome pain screams at you every time you walk past.
The submerged desperation of the poor alloy souls in the tub of liquid cleaning chemicals can callously be ignored as they are hidden under the surface and, in some cases, a lid.
The most painful of all, however, must be the hopeful little sculptures who have had there hopes raised by having paint applied and in some cases, more than one colour. Some have been given a wash or had highlights carefully applied. But there hopes of a frenetic life on a pretend battle field have been cruelly dashed as, after a short period of attention, they have been abandoned, left to gather dust as the paint brush in the sky continues to refuse to return.
So sad

So in order to get myself back into the swing I decided to undercoat and paint and entirely different figure. Yes that's how to fix it!

I decided to paint one of my Bob Olley ogryns. And I really enjoyed it. So much that I got the other guy, one of the pirates range, painted as well. He had been one of the poor neglected, half started figures so at least I've made a start. I need to get into the swing of things as I've still got loads to paint for BOYL and I've got the responsible one's prize to paint as well (i've built a figure but I'm not sure I'm happy with it, I've yet to decide, more on that soon)

The only other figure I've managed to get finished since April (if you ignore the battlewagon)  is this guy. A fairly nasty looking combat servitor to be used in the warband of one of my inquisitors.

Ruined the kids Playdoh!

Still I have managed to make a start on one of the BOYL projects. My vehicle for the race game has been glued together and I've put the first layers of paint on.

I've gone for a nice camo scheme that I'm going to add to with racing stripes and decals and maybe some flags as well.

I added a third colour to make the red less stark so now it's on to detailing. Of course while painting it I realised that I could paint up a couple of squat bikers and have a brilliant game of Gorkamorka. see how these projects multiply?


  1. Some great looking figures in the sadly neglected pile! Nice work on the Ogryn too.

  2. I know excatly how you feel, I've been painting models started a while ago lately but some still need attention and need those last 5% of work to be 100% good... and yet I'm still priming new models every day...

    1. BUT those last models you finished surely are great and motivating !

  3. I agree with you that the only way to fix your painting slump is by painting something completely different. The only issue with that is if you don't finish the new thing you started, then you'll just end up with more unfinished stuff :D


  4. Is easy to get overwhelmed and lose energy and eagerness. Recently went through the same ordeal after a mammoth paint project (Well, mammoth for me in any case) with a rather short time constraint.

    New or fresh projects/minis are typically how I get my mojo jump-started again.

    I like your ogryn very much. Regret very much selling off the two I owned some years ago. Those sculpts just look so characterful.

  5. Ooh, maybe I could get out of my current slow-coaching by painting something entirely new rather than one of the dozens of half finished projects lying around the house. What an excellent idea!

  6. Wow. Your writeup is only too familiar for me. Those poor poor neglected half painted projects *wipe tear from eye*. That combat servitor is great, a conversation I assume?
    I never think I noticed how bad the teeth are on that ogryn fig. You have done great work highlighting that. Love the pimpvision sunglasses as well.


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