Tuesday, 30 December 2014

A Skinflint's guide to McDeath (Act2)

In Act one of this extended stream of consciousness/ extended attempt to avoid spending money/ imaginary shopping trip I blethered on (at some length) about some of the alternative figures you could use to populate the armies in the McDeath Scenario pack from 1986.
We got as far as covering the fist three forces, The McArnos, The Greevants and The McEwmans. This is enough to cover the first battle in the campaign, Winwood Harbour, now we move on to battle number two, Loch Lorm.

Monday, 29 December 2014

A Skinflint's guide to McDeath (act1)

Or, how the realistic Oldhammerer might play the Scottish scenario without selling one of his Children!


This christmas I was lucky enough the be given a copy of the legendary WFB scenario pack 'The Tragedy of McDeath'. Written by Richard Halliwell and released in 1986 this is box containing all you need to play 4 linked scenarios loosely based around a fantasy version of Macbeth. Well everything apart from the minatures and that's where actually playing this set of games gets almost impossible. At the time of release GW put together a set of figures to represent the characters in the scenarios. Some were specially designed figures and others were pressed into service from other ranges.

Sunday, 28 December 2014

Christmas is saved! - A Rogue Trader Battle report

Just managing to get into 2014 with a squeak, Antipixi popped round in the post Chrimbo lull to get a game in. I had that gaming itch that needed scratching so we set to it with a seasonally themed game.

Saturday, 27 December 2014

Sculpted scavvy

When I left you last time we had a classic Jes Goodwin Confrontation Scavvy with 1930's Mickey Mouse arms.

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Scavvy progress

Rather than a Christmas post I thought I'd catch up with what's been going on in scavvy land. 

First up is the two rides that I'm building. I bought two 1/48 armoured cars that I'm going to kitbash into desert raiding buggies. 

Friday, 19 December 2014

One ticket to Jodoverse please!

Whenever I've gone to the continent on holiday I always end up wandering into book shops. I suppose it's out of habit. I know that there is nothing in there I'll be able to read (being a very poor linguist) but I always end up wandering around a FNAC store looking at stuff and inevitably I'm drawn to the graphic novels / comic books as I can at least look at the pretty pictures. I always wondered what was going on in these fantastical tales and wished there were some english translations I could buy. I never bothered looking when I got home though, forgotten until the next visit.
One of these tomes that I reckon I must have seen is 'The Incal' and it's something I intend to explore. I've asked the lovely wife to get me the english version for christmas. The reasons it fascinates so much without even having read it intrigue me as much as the book does. So lets delve into my psyche a little and see what has 'hooked' me.

Saturday, 13 December 2014

The first of the tribe

If I keep this pace up I'll have the buggers painted in no time. First of the scavvy tribe. 

If you go down to the underhive today......

Here he is, my scavvy boss. I reckon he's cool enough to be a Scavvy King! 
He's got a makeshift rebreather made from some poor unfortunates helmet and some gas tanks that may have contained something more hazardous than oxygen previously. 
I've thrown together a background for taking pics, I might decorate with grafitti and posters later. 

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Meet da Boss

Remember when I said I wouldn't have enough time to convert many figures?
Well here is my Scavy Boss. Maybe a Scavvy Prince?

Hopefully I'll have time to get some paint on him and the other two finished figs so far over the weekend. Four more scavvy models arrived in the post and I'm thinking about whether I need to hack them apart, we'll see how I feel.

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Quick, before the inspector sees!

Oh joy. In the run up to christmas, her majesties inspectorate of schools have decided to bless us with a visit tomorrow and the next day. Yay. So in a quick effort to avoid utter panic I thought I'd spend 10 minutes hacking up some figures and photographing the start of the scavvies/desert deperadoes.
Two scavvy muties, a little Digga and a Digga boss. Apart from the boss I'm pretty much going to leave these figures alone. As I've got limited time on this project I can't be converting all the figs especially as they are perfectly acceptable. The little Digga is cute with his big gun! The boss, on the other hand, is a figure that I quite like apart from his big silly gun. I'll have a think about what I can give him instead.
This guy, from the Judge Dredd range, will be a bad ass crew member. I'm tempted to designate him as a driver for one of the buggies. It's the helmet, you see.
First conversion. I picked up this old chaos thug that had seen better days and figured he'd be a nice addition to the mob. He's got an autopistol from the cultists set and and tentacle. He is carrying a bow so I'm interested to see how he'd manage to use it with the tentacle.
And this guy is a conversion of the scavvy autogunner. I've got another version of him on it's way so this guy was fair game. He's had a head swap and a top knot added and I've replaced his peg leg (as the other guy will obviously have one) with a brand new one. No more hobbling for this guy! See you all when the nasty inspectors have finished their work.

Monday, 8 December 2014

The Scavvy Plan

When I was but a wee nip my grandparents used to refer to the Rubbish Lorry (Garbage truck/Dustcart/Refuse collection vehicle) as the 'Scaffie Cart' and the people that worked on it and did similar jobs keeping the world clean (street sweepers, rubbish dump workers) as 'Scaffies'. Obviously being kids, this word was used as an insult at school, anybody that was a bit scruffy or dirty got called a 'Scaf' or 'Scaffie (insert swear word of your choice). It always amused me therefore that 'Scavvies' (ostensibly a derivative of Scavengers) should appear in the warhammer world and refer to scruffy, smelly, bottom dwellers.

Scavvies first appeared in the background to that long forgotten game 'Confrontation'. Below you can see John Blanche's sketches for these undercity lowlifes.
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