Saturday, 27 December 2014

Sculpted scavvy

When I left you last time we had a classic Jes Goodwin Confrontation Scavvy with 1930's Mickey Mouse arms.

So I cracked out the Greenstuff and sculpted some sleeves.

On both arms obviously....

Then once that had set I sculpted some upper sleeves, I tried not to think who's sculpting I was attempting to match and just got on with it!.

Grr from the other side!!

I did the same for the other 3 figures so I've now got a set of fully armed (Fnar, fnar!!) Scavvies. Two Autoguns, a shotgun and an autopistol and club. Out came the spray paint and a couple of them were undercoated.

And the finally got him painted. The light is bleaching out some of the detail but you can see how he looks.

I'm coming for ya!!

And here he is with his Scavvy buddies, coming through an underground crawlway to gun down your neighbours, near you, soon!


  1. I'll miss those skinny metal arms, but you've done a cracking job matching the sleeves to the original tattered cloth sculpt, fantastic! Much better than the plastic arms. Kudos!!

  2. Well done. That's a very nice conversion/rescue. Excellent sculpting.

  3. That's some fine lookin GS skills you have on display there Colin!

    Great set of converted up hive scum :)

  4. Looking great Colin, the extra effort is worth it as the finished figure is significantly improved.

  5. I really love that scavvy model, and you've done an excellent job with him.

  6. Considering how finding proper arms for these is proving hard, you have convinced me. Sculpting it is.

    Wondeful job there Colin.

  7. Excellent job! I have those too, and you are right, the original plastic arms don't really fit the look of the figures. Yours are much better.


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