Sunday, 31 July 2016


I thought that with the thousands of Russians visiting the Leadpile over the last couple of weeks I thought I'd do something especially for them. Nah, not really but it is a silly coincidence. Those of you who have read most of my blethering may remember that I occasionally express a desire to play Chain of Command from TooFatLardies (although these will also be usable for Warlords 
Bolt Action). In effort to kick start my painting regime after the house move I decided to put together a force that I could use to play. Of the lists in the rulebook that could fight my Germans (who I've yet to paint) I was particularly fascinated by the idea of the Soviet Tank Rider platoon.

Saturday, 23 July 2016

Sticky Fingers

It's nearly the summer holidays. All over the land Teachers are using the last remnants of their patience and strength to get themselves through the last two weeks. Fighting off the desire to just let the kids watch Frozen or, more likely, bully each other on their mobile phones (which are inevitably newer and more expensive than the teachers own, but also usually smashed on at least one surface) and instead try and ram one last piece of information into their young charges heads or plead with the year 10's to get that piece of work finished before the holidays.

But there is one more heinous hurdle to leap before we are free to bathe in alcohol for the summer. In my school at least, the last day is a purgatory where form tutors are imprisoned in their rooms with 25 bored and unruly teens (at least 5 are either truanting or will have been taken on some lovely sounding exotic holiday) for 3 and a half hours. A length of time only broken by a brief 20 minute break and an interminably dull end of term house assembly.

What do you do? The usual ploy is sweets and movies but as you can imagine the chance of 25, 12 year old's agreeing on a film to watch on an aging white board that you can barely see on a computer that is likely to reject any DVD you have chosen is fairly remote. Add sugar to the mix and you are in a world of hurt. To make life more of a misery, my form has a collection of boys (the girls are lovely) who appear to have just stepped out of an episode of the Bash Street Kids.

Friday, 1 July 2016

Young, Gifted and Blackshield

Excuses first.

  1. Been painting a unit of Orc's and still not finished them!
  2. We took the side off the cot of the youngest and instantly regretted the loss of our entire evenings to chasing him back into bed.
  3. We're moving house this weekend!
  4.  Work has been busy
  5. The country fell apart
Now I've explained why I've been a bit quiet I can get back to a bit of chit chat.

Those of you that have been paying attention to such things will have noticed that the wonder folks at Forgeworld have been pumping out Horus Heresy stuff at fantastic rate of knots. Book 6 of the series - Retribution, introduces a new faction into the mix. Blackshields. This is a catch all term for marines who have become orphaned, cut off or simply turned their backs on their Legions and have started to fight their own war for their own reasons. They ostensibly fight in armour devoid of legion insignia but just as often fight in whatever colour they like. Who's going to tell them other wise? The concept reminds of the the Black army of anarchists that  fought during the Russian civil war.

They were fighting their own war against the Reds and the Whites and for their own reasons with an Anarchist view of government at their heart (Anarchism was actually a popular movement in the first third of the 20th century and their were in fact Anarchist trade unions fighting on the republican side of the Spanish civil war in the late 30's).

So why am I bringing this up (the Blackshields, not the Anarchists)? Well, there is something incredibly neat about the whole idea of non-chaos renegade marine forces for those of Rogue Trader bent. One of the first clues that the FW design team are having fun with the concept is the name of one of the most notable groups of Blackshields - The Dark Brotherhood. 

Now where have we heard that name before?

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