Thursday, 15 November 2018

Why Don't Spesh Mureens have Platoons?

GW have been pumping out Primaris Lieutenants like they have only recently discovered that the rank exists. You have a dozen to choose from. All raring to get out there, leading their platoons of Spesh Mureens in the fight against the enemies of humanity.


I said Platoons.

What do you mean Spesh Mureens don't have platoons? They must have! Look at all the Lieutenants!

Monday, 12 November 2018

In praise of miniocrity

Why do I spend so much time obsessing over tiny toy soldiers? I spend time painting them, playing with them, organising them, reading about them, buying them , researching them, building them, packing them, unpacking them, hiding them, blogging about them, selling them, talking about them, arguing about them, obsessing about them, identifying them etc etc. The list of activities that can be assigned to miniscule fighting chappies is horrendously long when you start to think about it. What is it all about? This odd habit that we find ourselves neck deep in?
Well, it's a Hobby.

Thursday, 8 November 2018

Adventuring Elves

Paul Bonner dropped this picture on his Facebook page recently and it instantly fired up something in me. The picture appears to show a couple of Slann and a bunch of Norse fighting what I take to be some elves on a little rowboat on a beach somewhere in Lustria. The 'Norse' are difficult to identify with any certainty as they are a little skinny and not as hairy as i'd imagine they might be but they are definitely trying to kill the blonde fellas along with the Slann.

However it was them that grabbed my attention as much as the blonde fellas themselves. Although there are no obvious pointy ears I immediately assumed that these three are meant to be elves. 3 young elves off on an adventure who have been ambushed almost as soon as they landed on the shore (or maybe they are the ones doing the ambushing as the Norse and their Slann allies have met up on an isolated beach to make some nefarious deal).

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