Friday, 30 May 2014

Welcome to Ferrograd

Galuntt's moon circles a gas giant with the grand title of Tedifer sigma 34-3 which circles the star Tedifer sigma which is a very boring star and lies on the warproute between the back end of nowhere and some where very dull. Neither of those places claim responsibility for Galuntt's moon as it's too much like hard work. Few people stop there if they can help it. Galuntt's moon is the only habitable planetoid in the system and it used to be a busy hub of mining and commerce but for reasons far too boring to discuss, it isn't anymore. The main city on Galuntt's moon is named Ferrograd because most of the buildings are constructed from Iron, the most abundant local material, most of which is in a sad state of repair due to the high moisture content of the atmosphere. The one notable aspect of the Ferrograd is that it seems to be a favoured hiding place for ne'erdowells and ruffians from nearby 'civilised' imperial sectors. A fact that the local Arbites and Inquisition are well aware of.......

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

This is Jenny Tong for Channel Omega news.....

On the streets of downtown Ferrograd. 
Sir, do you have a minute to talk to Channel Omega news? 
'Maybe? What's it about?'
We're looking for the infamous buccaneer and wanted criminal, Abdul Goldberg, would you happen to know his whereabouts? 
'&£@€ £$¥^%!!! And if you see him!! Tell him I want my £&>~^*¥ ship back!!!!'

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

The pudding is coming

Not a lot of hobby work done so far this half term, tummy bugs, visiting relatives and rain all mean that I've been away from the models and paints for a while. Today I did get a chance to do another building for the sci-fi town that I'm going to dub Ferrograd. I reckon I'm going to a post soon all about the background of Ferrograd and how my pirates fit in to it. Bit first this is the first of my home made signs and I reckon it worked fine. 

The Church of the space pudding (I couldn't fit galactic on! ) is based on another of the scenarios from the Rogue trader rule book. I liked the idea that the sign was brand new and stuck on a old building that might have been used for some nefarious purposes in the past. 
Here is the church with some of the other sign buildings. When the weather improves I'll be able get out into the garden and get more of the buildings and board painted. And maybe get more signs done! 

Friday, 23 May 2014

Still building.....

It seems that I'll be playing several games on the big rusty board come august BOYL14 so to that end I've been doing some more work in my spare moments. I painted up the second of my Ramshackle Games signs and added a bit of detail to the door. Ramshackle only do the two signs so if I want anymore I'm going to have to make them myself. They do add a bit colour and fun to the board so I reckon I will do more. Suggestions for businesses and names will be heartily received! I reckon I'll stick a sign on about half the buildings on the board so with the other work I've been doing that should give plenty of scope for some silly sci-fi shops!

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

My life as a mini architect

I've been busy at work this week and utterly knackered by the time I get home but next week is half term holiday do I should be able to get more done. I have been able to paint one of the signs I got from Ramshackle games, but not a lot of more painting has been done. 

Saturday, 17 May 2014

A hive of scum and villainy!

With the paddling pool out to entertain the kids and the sun out to dry up the paint quick I sprinted through finishing off my sci-fi terrain. When I say sprint I mean everything was done as fast as possible in order to avoid taking my eyes off the waterborne wee ones. As I had mere minutes in between stopping fights or doing something for the wife I glued all the Fenris doors and Antenociti's windows and vents onto the MDF building carcasses (made from the left over parts from the stair towers that are in the pic as well. Once i'd built up a lovely layer of superglue on the tips of all my fingers I moved on to painting. Everything got a covering of matt black (god bless halfords!) to start.

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Get em' Pa!

I had a bit of luck recently and managed to bag most of the Angel gang from the old citadel Judge Dredd range. Above are Pa Angel and Link Angel.

And here is Mean and Junior. And here is a lovely family pic.

Monday, 12 May 2014

Bzzzzt! Ugh! Bzzzzt! Argh! Bzzzzt! Doh!

I had a chance to paint up one of my Bob Olley servitors and I have to say he is a lovely figure. Well, maybe not lovely, he is a servitor after all but nether the less he has a huge amount of character. I've grown to love Bob's work and although some of it can be maddeningly detailed the still reward patience and a careful job.  I particularly liked his face, which although it obviously echoes Frankenstein's monster, still suggests the former humans character. Perhaps a suave space criminal who found himself in serious trouble with the law and ended up being servitorised. Over time he's ended up being adopted (or stolen!) by pirates who use him as a bit of muscle in boarding actions as well as for doing all the heavy lifting! 

Friday, 9 May 2014

The Rusty Blaster - Opening Soon!

Excitingly some of the bits and bobs that I'd ordered recently arrived and I got a chance to start faffing around with lay outs  for den if iniquity that will hopefully star in future games. I have christened the futuristic drinking den 'the Rusty Blaster'. I figure it's a name that can encompass a braid range of sci-fi settings and also reflects the sad state if affairs that the building appears to be in!

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Supplemental pirate plus painting progress pertaining to premises for pugilistics!

As I was so disappointed with Suzi I decided to replace her in the Pirate crews ranks. After having a look at the models I had available I popped the question about which one to use on the Faceache group. Opinion was mixed but somebody suggested using them both so that's exactly what I have done. Two new members of the crew which brings me up a nice dirty dozen!

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Something to fight over

Another thing that stonecoldlead noted on his blog was the existence of the random platypus forum. It appears to be the bastard child if Frothers and as a member of that forum RP does interest me. While having a look through I came across one of matakishi's projects which gave me some inspiration (read: I pinched all his ideas) for my undercity/hive board. So after surreptitiously e-purchasing loads if resin bits while pretending to cook dinner I'll have a use for the left over bits from the project I started last month. Which, by the way looks like this so far. 

Monday, 5 May 2014

10p Mix Bag

Normally a bank holiday weekend would mean lots of hobby time but unfortunately not this time. Visits from relatives and 3 kids to entertain doesn't leave a whole lot of selfish man time. However I have got little bits of things done (besides being guilt tripped into cutting the grass by my dad) so I thought I'd post up all the bits and bobs that are going on.

I did have time today to finish the last member of the pirate crew.

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