Friday, 23 May 2014

Still building.....

It seems that I'll be playing several games on the big rusty board come august BOYL14 so to that end I've been doing some more work in my spare moments. I painted up the second of my Ramshackle Games signs and added a bit of detail to the door. Ramshackle only do the two signs so if I want anymore I'm going to have to make them myself. They do add a bit colour and fun to the board so I reckon I will do more. Suggestions for businesses and names will be heartily received! I reckon I'll stick a sign on about half the buildings on the board so with the other work I've been doing that should give plenty of scope for some silly sci-fi shops!

As the board is being extended I obviously need more buildings so ripped up some spare MDF and glued up some more hex-prisms.

Once they were dry it was off to the bandsaw....

Giving me enough bits and pieces for another 9 hex-dwellings

I got them glued together in various permutations and took them home to detail. I suddenly realised that I'd ran out of the Fenris games doors, so I quickly put an order through and hopefully that'll arrive early next week and I can get the new buildings done.

I did get one glued together using the big Ramshackle door and a nice dome on top. Something about the door makes me think it's a bit churchy. Maybe a place of worship for the great intergalactic pudding?

I also plan to trawl the interwebs for suitable posters that I can put on walls and stair wells. Copyright be damned! (although just to be on the safe side I won't show them off here!)
With it being half term next week I'll hopefully get at least one nice day where I can get outside to the garden and attack all the MDF with spray paint and rust effects. I also going to try getting a clear varnish so that all the players at BOYL don't end up with orange hands after their games.

In a link back to my post about the citadel 2000ad figures that I've accidentally been collecting I got a delivery of sky surfers the other day
I think I got Chopper, Cuba and Yogi but until now I didn't realise there were actually 6 figures. Can I stop myself hunting for more? In addition if anybody has either of these two figures hiding in their leadpiles let me know , Firstly, Fink Angel and then a perp simply known as Dib.
(both of the above images are from stuff of legends and were painted by Tim Pritchard)


  1. I cannot wait to see all this terrain in real life - it's exactly the sort of table I love to play over, but have never got round to making my own. Lovely stuff!

  2. Still churning stuff out, you make me sick ;) The table is going to be mightily impressive.

    I took a root around in my Dredd stuff, but it turns out I only have the same three Sky Surfers as you Im afraid. I dont have the others.

    "Marks and Spacers" (pretty weak)
    "Groxx" (in the "Greggs" font)
    "Games Workshop" (I cant really think of a joke, but I know that I would laugh if I was involved in a miniature shoot-out outside one.)

    I try to do better :)

  3. Morks and Spacers? I like the idea of Groxxs. That'll have to be done. I'm trying to think of a pun on GW. Maybe just a shop that sells warhammers? G&W's Warhammer Emporium?


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