Monday, 5 May 2014

10p Mix Bag

Normally a bank holiday weekend would mean lots of hobby time but unfortunately not this time. Visits from relatives and 3 kids to entertain doesn't leave a whole lot of selfish man time. However I have got little bits of things done (besides being guilt tripped into cutting the grass by my dad) so I thought I'd post up all the bits and bobs that are going on.

I did have time today to finish the last member of the pirate crew.

and the obligatory group shot. I'm not sold on her as a figure actually. The rest of the group are in fairly dynamic poses and she (actually as I was painting her I was struck how much like a cross-dresser she appeared) is very static. Her proportions are all over the place as well but that can be said for a lot of the figures from the old Judge Dredd range. I'll stick with her just now but she might be replaced if I find a suitable candidate.

Secondly, axiom posted up an image of his Bratt gangers latest set if wheels on the Facebook group. This caused all kinds of fuss and funniness but eventually morphed into the rather daft idea of playing some kind of insane rogue trader / demolition derby game at BOYL14. It quickly became obvious that several of the usual suspects were also 'well up for it' so we decided that using the GorkaMorka rules and just going for it for shits and giggles would be the right thing to do! So, I need a vroom-vroom! 
Luckily enough I already had this model sitting around in my man cave as well as some bits and pieces to convert it with. It's an old Russian Armoured car. It's not greatest kit and doesn't fit all that well but it'll do!

This is what I've got so far. I've chopped out the rear mudguards and put on larger rear wheels and tyrtes. I shamelessly ripped off axiom and put and order in to zinge industries and waiting by the letter box waiting on the parts to come but I'll be able to put on a nice blower on top of the bonnet and some nice flared exhausts just ahead of the rear wheels.

I'm going to fit an open turret with a heavy stubber and a crew member on the roof and i'm probably going to have this chap leaning out of one of the doors. Either facing the rear.
Or peaking round the door facing forward. This is actually the third copy of this figure that I owned. One is in the pirate crew, one has moved to Ireland and this chap will be lunging out of moving vehicles.
During the week the stonecoldlead got in touch to let me know that he'd nominated me for a Leibster award which was lovely. Now, Asslessman had nominated me not so long ago so I reckon I've done all the truthing I need to for a while although I did say I'd answer his questions, I'll also nominate a bunch of blogs at the end of this post in order to share the love!  so here goes. 

  1. Do you have a model or group of models that hold a particular sentimental value to you, and if so why is that? No particular miniature holds much sentimental value but it is nice when you come across figures that you remember playing with 25 years ago. Part of buying old figures is about giving the 12 year old you all the figures that they wanted but could never afford. So thats most of the figures I own then!
  2. If you could have your likeness sculpted in miniature what type of model would you choose? It'd have to be a grizzled veteran man at arms, a kind of career soldier. Either that or a space smuggler :)
  3. What video game would you most like to see a range of miniatures based upon? I'm not a huge video game player but how about a decent set of shadowrun figures?
  4. Would you like to see Games Workshop go under and disappear from the industry completely? No. But I would like to see a collapse followed by a takeover by the creative element.
  5. Do you have a guilty pleasure when it comes to miniatures? A particular model or range that kind of sucks but you love it anyway. Iron claw, especially the space pirates. Silly figures but love them none the less.
  6. Slotta bases, love 'em or hate 'em? Round ones are great, square bug me with their crap choice in facings.
  7. What was the most disappointing miniature or game you've ever purchased? Condottiere by Foundry. Such a great period of history deserved so much more!
  8. Have you ever seriously considered selling off all your models and games and just packing the whole hobby in? That's exactly what i did in my teens but I occasionally think about thinning down the hordes.
  9. Will zombies ever lose their appeal amongst painters and gamers? I've never painted a zombie so i'm not allowed an opinion.
  10. What's the best bargain you've got off Ebay (miniatures/gaming related)? I actually don't know, I got all my third edition warhammer books pretty cheap and my Ork dredds were pretty easy on the pocket!
  11. Gem or opaque dice? Opaque - my green gem dice hate me


  1. Wow, thank you very much for commending me! Appreciated! While I was reading, I knew I had to highlight the great job you are making with your band, but the vehicle is just a new standard! Simply genius! Wanna see more!

  2. Cheers, Colin. That would explain my spike in views yesterday, despite not having any new content up for the last few days!

  3. Wait a minute I forgot to give you your questions!
    1. Where would you rather be right now.
    2. What would your last meal on earth be?
    3. What is the best meal you cook?
    4. Do you lie to your other half about how much you spend on your hobby?
    5. What would you have written on your grave stone?
    6. Which place on earth do you want to visit the most?
    7. Which invention do you wish you were responsible for?
    8. When did you realise that you were old?
    9. Who would you leave all your miniatures to?
    10. If you could commision a range of figures what would they be?
    11. Top 5 Sci-fi films

    Get typing!

  4. Great work. I like the armoured car, and will use that idea for my own space pirates/mercenaries. The female figure is awful, but you have done a great paintjob and she fits right in, in my opinion!

  5. Wow, I completely missed this one! I even posted the awards I got from Simon and Cianty on my blog after yours was posted!
    Thank you very much for the nomination, that was very kind of you. I don't know if it's going to be a bit overkill on my readers to have yet another Liebster award post, but will do my best to reply to your questions.

    Take care!



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