Friday, 9 May 2014

The Rusty Blaster - Opening Soon!

Excitingly some of the bits and bobs that I'd ordered recently arrived and I got a chance to start faffing around with lay outs  for den if iniquity that will hopefully star in future games. I have christened the futuristic drinking den 'the Rusty Blaster'. I figure it's a name that can encompass a braid range of sci-fi settings and also reflects the sad state if affairs that the building appears to be in!

The bar parts are from Scotia Grendel's scenery range and I have to say that I'm pretty impressed. They arrived really fast and the castings are pretty clean with no bubbles and very little cleaning up to do. The price was pretty reasonable and the details on the pieces are great. There is quite a lot to get painted. As you can see the bar fits nicely into my converted sarissa building. The bar is going to be on the second floor and I'm going to do a nice sign sticking out the side of the building and another one on the flat area where I've added the wall. 
With all the parts in I've got a nice bar area plus a kind of private VIP room and still gives plenty of room for figures. There's a dozen in the above photo and it doesn't look crowded. 

Here we see Suzi taking a breath of fresh air on the roof terrace. The bar is nicely hidden should it need to be for the scenario. You know the sort of thing - adventurers walk into a bar, everybody stops dancing, somebody lobs a grenade.......

And a another shot from a different angle. I reckon I need posters and stuff on the walls as well as on the stair well just to add to the character and I need a bar man and maybe some 'entertainment'. As for the first floor of the building I might either make store rooms (boring) or a med-lab. I'll see what takes my fancy. 
Fenris also delivered some lovely doors and Zinge industries sent me the bits for my Jalopy. I need to build a little turret and a bloke to man it. 


  1. Those bar pieces are just the business! What about a big fat alien as your bartender?

    The jalopy is progressing nicely - like the exhaust positioning :-)

  2. I simply love you nice work here. I will be following your steps, this is highly inspirational! :)


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