Wednesday, 28 May 2014

This is Jenny Tong for Channel Omega news.....

On the streets of downtown Ferrograd. 
Sir, do you have a minute to talk to Channel Omega news? 
'Maybe? What's it about?'
We're looking for the infamous buccaneer and wanted criminal, Abdul Goldberg, would you happen to know his whereabouts? 
'&£@€ £$¥^%!!! And if you see him!! Tell him I want my £&>~^*¥ ship back!!!!'


  1. Haha, looking for Abdul Goldberg, absolutely great! She looks too posh and tidy to be in such company, though ;)

    Great work, thumbs totally up :)

  2. I like that she looks neat and tidy actually, that she doesnt usually hang around in places like Ferrograd. That long painted fingernails and high heels look is the right trope to mine for visual shorthand I think. Thats a fun figure too. She looks like an eighties version of a newscaster of the future, like something that could have appeared in the original Robocop.

    More great work for the upcoming BOYL scenario, really cool :) Im currently working on my Sensei and he should be finished this weekend. After that Im getting stuck into my (significantly smaller and significantly greener) contribution to this scenario. Im looking forward to it :)


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