Monday, 12 May 2014

Bzzzzt! Ugh! Bzzzzt! Argh! Bzzzzt! Doh!

I had a chance to paint up one of my Bob Olley servitors and I have to say he is a lovely figure. Well, maybe not lovely, he is a servitor after all but nether the less he has a huge amount of character. I've grown to love Bob's work and although some of it can be maddeningly detailed the still reward patience and a careful job.  I particularly liked his face, which although it obviously echoes Frankenstein's monster, still suggests the former humans character. Perhaps a suave space criminal who found himself in serious trouble with the law and ended up being servitorised. Over time he's ended up being adopted (or stolen!) by pirates who use him as a bit of muscle in boarding actions as well as for doing all the heavy lifting! 

Bob Olley Adeptus Mechanicus Servitors
I'm also working on a second servitor for the crew which'll make a nice pair. Another Bob Olley sculpt, this one is a bit bow legged and is wearing a lovely short leotard! I'll hopefully get him finished tomorrow. I'm getting quite quick at finishing off figures and I seem to work much better on individuals and small batches rather than regiments or big squads. Which makes my other project a tad concerning.
I've got a large sons of Horus army that I have started but need to get to a playable level. I got a couple of figures out an decided to see how long it'd take me to finish them off to reasonable standard. Turns out, not long! Some transfers and they'll be done.
The army is a mix of forgeworld figs that I got cheap and reclaimed plastic figs (I'm not precious about amour variants, as long as they look the part). One of my mates is doing deathguard and emperor's children and I'm pleased to say he is being sucked into buying old rogue trader figs to include in the army alongside his other figs. So as he is painting his stuff up at a fair rate I need to look at getting back to this project and getting it finished. 

In other news I've been nominated for my 3rd Liebster award. Legiocustodes over at oldhammer 40k blog nominated me and I must say that I'm very flattered. It's nice to know that my ramblings are read and enjoyed by people. I know our little corner of the web is fairly small but it's growing all the time and other bloggers are always needing encouraged in their endeavors, I know it really helped me.
Anyway, I'm not going to do full response (as I've already done one) but I did promise to answer Legio's questions.

1. What year did you get into this fantastic hobby of ours?
Originally I reckon it was 1987 or so, first year at high school. I think I regained the bug in maybe 2005 or 06.
2. What was your first model?
I think my first models were the 60 piece fantasy regiments boxed set. I bought a chaos warrior when I started again.
3. Do you still have it? (If so post a picture)
Long gone I'm afraid, my mum is not a hoarder or sentimental!
4. Are you more of a gamer or a painter?
I'd like to say gamer but I get precious little games in but I'm not the kind of painter that will spend weeks on a figure, I just like to get it done!
5. How do your family feel about your hobby?
My daughter (7) calls them 'Daddy's geek toys'
6. What's your favourite miniature?
Usually the one that I've just finished painting!
7. How much do you reckon you spent on your hobby each year?
I have spent many years avoiding thinking about it and I'm not going start now!
8. How do you feel about modern GW?
It's like a friend that you used to get drunk with and you used have a great laugh with but who has become a suited business man who isn't interested in the same things as you and is only into making money and wearing sharp suits.
9. What's your current project?
Space Pirates!
10. Is your interaction with the Oldhammer community primarily online or are you lucky enough to have like mind friends you can share it with?
Primarily online but I have met up with about half a dozen other members and have even played games with them! I'm looking forward to oldhammer day in august!
11. Fantasy or Sci-Fi


  1. Huh, s'funny, I never really thought about that leotard until now. Now it's all I can think of. Nice work though!

    1. Maybe an ex-gymnast with criminal leanings thats been turned into a cyborg. There's a 2000ad strip right there!

  2. I like the sickly green skin tone, well done!

    1. ta very much, coelia green wash over flesh then highlighted, easy!

  3. Love his complexion! You have great style!

    1. I wanted him to look sickly and past-human, sort of going off without looking nurgly! I like the idea that I have a style, not sure I could tell you what it is though!

  4. The greenish skin tone is just superb and seeing them in something else than red is also a great thing ! You really have a thing with Bob Olley sculpts !

    1. I do seem to don't I? I've got a unit of Ogryns that'll want painting eventually! As for not being red, I wanted them to fit in with the pirates so Teal is the key colour for the whole group (and I like at the moment!)

  5. Bob Olleys sculpts heavily define the early 40K look and nothing defines that look more than his Adeptus Mechanicus and servitors: I love them.

    Great job on those. You are cranking miniatures out at an impressive pace, fantastic.

    1. I've got the big tech priest as well and I want to get the other servitors (the squat and the female) plus the other tech priests (i think there are two more) and that'll make a nice little warband.

      I'm quite impressed with my pace as well but I'm lucky if I get an hour to paint every other day however the wife is falling asleep quite early (pregnancy does that!) so I occasionally get wee bit extra. I'm just learning not to faff about and try to use my time as effectively as possible.

    2. I faff around too much and half watching the TV while painting gives productivity a bit of a kicking too. Nonetheless, finding a quick way to achieve a standard that gives a result that I am happy with within a relatively short time gives me satisfaction and makes more more productive as a result. Thats why shifting to smaller forces rather than squad after squad of grunts has improved my productivity, and yours too by the look of it :)

      I think that I have all the AdMech miniatures that you mention bar the female. I dont have the "Test Bed" or the "Cyborg" from here either (although they are not Olley sculpts AFAIK):,_Mercenaries_&_Pirates_-_Collectors_Guide

      Ill get to my AdMech some day, I love those guys.

  6. Your productivity is enviable. This is magnified by the quality you achieve!

    Love the sevitor's flesh tones.

    When I've got my RoC stuff sorted, you have inspired me to go RT for my next project.


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