Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Something to fight over

Another thing that stonecoldlead noted on his blog was the existence of the random platypus forum. It appears to be the bastard child if Frothers and as a member of that forum RP does interest me. While having a look through I came across one of matakishi's projects which gave me some inspiration (read: I pinched all his ideas) for my undercity/hive board. So after surreptitiously e-purchasing loads if resin bits while pretending to cook dinner I'll have a use for the left over bits from the project I started last month. Which, by the way looks like this so far. 

The board looks a bit bare but I do have plenty of sarissa stuff to cover it as well
Pipes and machinery bits and silo's. I'm probably heading in the right direction to add a second sector to the board. I've got nice big doors that I can put in place to connect the two areas but that'll be a little in the future.

So taking Matakishi's lead I wanted to make some buildings that would be fairly simple and reflect the bits and bobs that I've made already. I had a length of the hexagonal prism left so I cut into parts and mounted it on rectangular bases.

So that gives me 5 buildings to fill up that table. I bought signage from Ramshackle games, windows and vents from antenociti's workshop and doors from Fenris (I told you I pinched Matakishi's ideas!). I'll revisit this when the bits come. I figure that if I combined these with the more contemporary buildings below i'd have a dredd/near future board.

I also had some time today to do some shop fronts on the CNC router. These buildings are primarily for 7TV / Fistful of kung-fu but I reckon they'll get used for various stuff.

Once ut out I mounted them onto the front of the buildings...

Giving me four two story buildings so far. Another two are half way there. (cheeky begger in the background!)

I also had a little time to do some windows. They'll be cut out and glued to the buildings tomorrow.

Over the weekend I also too a look at my sarissa center point building. I'd bought an extra level for it....

but i'd managed to drop it and it had fallen to bits. I took this as the perfect opportunity to use the knowledge gained from Cheetor and build a bar for my games. Scotia Grendel do a cyber bar as part of their 28mm scenery range so I spent some more pennies and decided to do a bit of DIY on the second floor.

I cut down two of the wall sections and built a new wall with some circular decorations. This will give me enough space for a bar, some tables and a nice office through the back. I'll keep you posted on updates.


  1. Nice work, really hoping it makes an appearance at BOYL 2014.

  2. Oooh - a cyber bar. Looks like just the place to drink some dirty alien liquor and make some shady deals! Any neon going in?

  3. Note to self:
    1: paint RT models
    2: grovel to WP to play on his lovely terrain

    Excellent work sir!

  4. You are a machine WP, churning stuff out. Or should that read "You have a machine WP, churning stuff out" ;)

    If you plan to copy any toy soldier luminary, then Matakishi us the one. Nobody else sees through as many cool projects as convincingly as he does.

    Those shop fronts are brilliant. Are your AFOKF games going to place in a dystopia bear future city? Possibly with Judge Dredd, Judge Inaba and Stan Lee going toe to toe? Mine are. Sounds like a plan for BOYL Friday evening to me.

    I'm joking. Sort of :)

  5. Cool looking stuff. Nice work.


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