Monday, 25 September 2017

Piking and shooting

Just a quick post to show off what I've got done so far for my Dutch revolt project. I stupidly offered to run a game at the club I've been attending in Devon so I need to pull the finger out and get stuff done. Above is the full dutch regiment. They have all been shown on the blog before but it's the first time I've put them together as a unit.

Sunday, 24 September 2017

Pointless Anthropology - Ogres

Once upon a time someone gave Jes Goodwin the task of designing a range of Ogres. It wasn't the first set of Ogres the GW ever made. There were some left overs from the Runequest and Fiend Factory ranges and there was Golfag's ogre regiment as well but still, Jes was asked to do some. 16 classic models later (plus a another 5 in the redesigned Golfag's) and you have the most iconic image of the Warhammer Ogre ever created. Never mind the current fat plastics. The only thing that ever came close since were the Marauder Landsneckt Ogre's but the Jes ones probably still have the edge. So now, as we gasp at the stupid prices that BIN muppets ask for the classics on fleabay, we must ask ourselves a very important question.

What the fuck is an Ogre?

As with all creatures of a fantasy bent they come from somewhere. 

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Rogue Adventures in Comic Land

Whilst chatting on line with some of my Septic chums (as well as others around the globe with less amusing national nicknames) the topic of how awesome 2000AD was came up. Being a brit and having lived with the worlds greatest comic always lurking in the background (even if you abandoned it for a while like you did with all things Warhammer - Stupid teenagers......and 20 somethings.....etc), it's easy to assume that it's all powerful brilliance has pervaded ever corner of the world and that all personages of a particularly nerd bent should know all about it.

Turns out that's not that case.

Sure, Judge Dredd is pretty famous. After all he's had two films made about him but that is about all the general public know of 2000AD's output and the average non brit 40K player doesn't know much more (to be fair many outside a certain age don't know bugger all either).

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Thugs for the memories

A long, long time ago in a bedroom far, far away I pored over every edition of White Dwarf I got my hands on like it was the latest holy revelations from a distant galaxy. In no 104 there was a load of Realm of Chaos goodies including this fantastic article about converting you Chaos figures to reflect the mutations that the gods have seen to fit to bestow on their followers.

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