Tuesday, 16 June 2015

There's only four of them.....

The boss had heard rumours about all sorts of showy types finding a route to some long lost planets or some such nonsense. He reckoned he knew a bloke who knew a bloke that had mentioned something about some gadget that the navigators would need to get through the passage. The boss reckoned we could sell it to the highest bidder and make a ton of gelt! So, we gets to the place where this bloke is and we fake a radiation leak so all the locals run off to the hills so that we can  just walk in and take what we need. 
Trouble is, some flouncy tart and her pet mercs arrived at the same time. And she brought an ogryn as well. Still there was only four of them and we had Tiny as well. 
Didn't expect one of the little dog boys to be packing a plasma cannon! Some of the boys took a hit right in the face! 
Frazzled they was! 
We dropped smoke grenades to try and sneak round them but the bloody wind kept changing. Then the boss and Tiny managed to get a shot at the bitch. She didn't even see it coming! Tiny opened up and winged her but she didn't go down. The boss only singed the ogryn before it turned round and....
Poor boss. I've never seen Tiny look so confused. All the way back to the lander he just kept asking 'but where's the boss'. Poor boss. 
There was only four of them! 

Antipixi brought his tooled up Rogue Trader and her two doggy mercs plus a bad ass ogryn. I only had to kill off one of them to make them start taking bottle tests. Unfortunately Chris managed to kill off 5 of my crew and after offing my boss the Pirates bottled it and scarpered! 


  1. That girl and her crew really are tough as nails, first they put down everyone during the Sensei game last year and now THAT !
    What is she eating for chrissake !

  2. Sounds like fun. Great looking table.

  3. Lovely figure (of the rogue trader). Where she from?

    1. She's from Hasslefree miniatures.

  4. Thanks for the game, Colin. I really enjoyed it.

    Of course, your bad luck with dice really helped my cause. ;-)

  5. Gorgeous write up and a great looking battle, as always. Thank you.


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