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If you've been reading you'll know that I'm going up to Edinburgh for a weekend of drinking and gaming. I've done the Sensei Warband and I'm nearly finished the Chaos Renegade Warband. There are going to be three of us and I've been thinking about how it would be cool if we can squeeze in 3 games, taking each other on once and everybody getting a chance to GM. This got me to thinking whilst on the long drive home yesterday about it being the start of a little campaign with the warbands developing as we play. This is fine and dandy for the two warbands that i've got sorted out but what about the third? Thinking thematically the perfect third party would be an inquisitor and his warband. According to Lost and the Damned the Inquisition are just as likely to be hunting down the Sensei as Chaos renegades so why the hell not.
This does leave me with a problem though. How to develop the Inquisitor's warband in the same way as the other two. Only one thing to do. Make up stuff!

Basing the development on the Realm of Chaos examples, we need at least 3 things.
1. A victory points table
2. A followers table
3. A rewards/advance table (I think i'll call this Inquisitors Reputation chart)

No.1 - I'm going to base the victory points table on the Sensei one but i'll have to change a couple of things to cover a wider range of enemies.

Surviving the game on the winning side............5 points
Surviving the game on the losing side...............3
Each enemy hero killed......................................5
Each daemon killed............................................5
Each other enemy model killed..........................1
None of own models killed................................5
Each of own models killed................................-1
More than half own force killed........................-5

Every 10 victory points gives you a roll on the Reputation Chart.

No.2 - The followers, this'll be fun!
Every time an Inquisitor gains a roll on the Reputation chart he also get to roll on the followers chart. When creating your inquisitor he may roll 3 times (is this too much?) on this chart.

First roll to see how many members join your warband.

1-2  Nobody joins this time
3-5  Roll once on the warband chart
6     Roll twice on the warband chart

Warband chart

Ok let's have a think about what the followers might be without going daft

01- 03    1 Assassin
04 - 20   2d6 Guardsmen
21- 28    1 Interrogator (another inquisitor joins as a junior to the leader)
29 - 38   2d6 Arbites
39 - 41   1d6 Squats
42 - 44   1 Jokaero
45 - 55   1d6 Stormtroopers
56 - 62   1 Psyker
63 - 75   1 Human Hero (roll D6 - 1-2 Jungle Fighter, 3-4 Weapons Specialist, 5 scout, 6 sniper)
76 - 78   1 Ogryn
79 -  83  1 Adeptus Mechanicus Magos
84 - 87   1 Navigator
88 - 92   1d6 Marines
93 - 95   1d6 Grey Knights
96 - 00    Radicals Choice (if you accept this choice you will be declared a radical and be at risk of being hunted by your own kind! This means that you can no longer employ any Marines or Grey Knights in your warband. You may refuse to accept this follower and smite them in the name of the emperor but you gain no followers as replacements)
 Roll D6 1-2 -D6 mutants, 3- 1 Eldar, 4 - D6 beastmen, 5 -1 Possessee, 6 -your choice! (or should that be Gm's choice?))

Cool, I'm happy with that! As soon as I finish writing the next bit I'm going to roll an inquisitor and his warband up!

No.3 - Reputation Table (I figured an inquisitor is unlikely to gain rewards as such but may gain a reputation as well as knowledge that'll give him an edge in a game)

Psychic power
The inquisitor develops a psychic power, possibly the contact with the dark powers have awoken a latent talent in his mind. See Rogue Trader rule book.

Blade master
The inquistor has gained techniques in combat that increase his WS by +1

Great shot
The inquisitor has practiced alongside some masters in the art of shooting and increases his BS by +1

Tome of Names
The inquisitor has discovered a book containing the names of daemons. He gains an extra attack when fighting against daemons or possessed.

Strategic genius
The inquisitor has some insight into the methods of the enemy and may reposistion D3 of his models at the start of the game. The models may only move a maximum of 12".

Veteran of Darkness
The inquisitor has fought against chaos and is enured to it's ways. When fighting daemons he does not suffer from Fear.

The inquisitor has learned that sometimes it is best to be subtle rather than to go in all guns blazing. The inquisitor can make an extra basic move before the start of the game.

The inquisitor hates his enemies with a passion that goes beyond normal human levels. When he loses his last wound roll D6. on a roll of 5 or 6 the inquisitor still has a single wound left.

Frightening reputation
The inquisitor is known to the enemies of the emperor. He causes fear in any human members of the enemy force.

Forbidden Lore
The inquisitor has learned to use the powers of the enemy an attempt to use it against them. Roll a D6
1-2 Aquiescence (see slaves to darkness), 3-4 Stench of Nurgle (see lost and the damned), 5 Dispel Daemonic Presence (see slaves to darkness), 6 Pink fire of Tzeentch (see lost and the damned).
 (this result had the same effect as radical choice in the followers table)

Daemon Weapon
The inquisitor finds a Daemon weapon and decides to use it to fight the enemies of the emperor. Roll a daemon weapon from Slaves to Darkness. (this result had the same effect as radical choice in the followers table)

Inquisitor Lord
The inquisitor has been promoted to the Rank of Inquisitor lord. He is retired from active service and his warband may be taken over by the highest ranking Interrogator who is promoted to a full inquisitor. Roll a D6 for each of the models in the warband. 1-4 the model decides to leave the employment of the Interrogator and retire. 5-6 the model continues to work with the New inquisitors warband.

So lets see how it works.

1 Inquisitor (I'll work his stats later when I have my RT rulebook)
roll on the followers table 3 times - I get 4 - 5- 4

That's 3 sets of followers. First roll 59 - A psyker. Second roll 21 -  An Interrogator. Third roll 15 - 2D6 guardsmen ( I rolled 7).

I wonder if that's enough? What do you think?


  1. Hi!

    Absolutely brilliant stuff! I would love to see some more of the other 40k races given similar treatment!

    All the best!

  2. Great idea! I love randomized tables & this looks like something I might give a bash :-)

  3. Good stuff. I've been making up similar stuff for orc warbands in Fantasy. This is a lot simpler though and for my money actually works. I'd been thinking of rolling up a Rogue Trader using the main rule book, perhaps I'll just do an inquisitor now! Or develop RT tables.

    Look forward to the battle reports.

  4. I was thinking about the differences between this one and a Rogue Trader one. Any suggestions?

    1. Well a RT wouldn't have to go Rogue if he wanted more Alien help... indeed alien mercs and tech would be more available and grey knights and Inquisitors not at all.

      Are you going to let your inquisitor and grey knights access Terminator armour?

    2. I haven't gone into equipment tables yet, that's much more fiddly work. I was just going to go wysiwyg with the figures I've got just now and see how it goes. With the games we're going to play terminator armour would be a bit of overkill but there is no reason not to use it if the other warbands had access as well.

  5. I could have sworn they made a miniature of that guy, but I can't find it anywhere.

    1. The first guy? Yeah there is a figure but I think he's pretty rare.


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