Monday, 3 February 2014

More Misery in Scumsville!

Another day in Scumsville

After the destruction of the imperial force under Inquisitor Ictarine, Arbite Captain Grandall Farnshceck was tasked to recover certain items from the field. He chose to take 7 members of the local PDF, 5 with lasguns, one flamer and one plasma gun, all had flak armour and Captain Grandall was wearing carapace and carrying a pimped out shotgun.

Meanwhile local gangers had moved in to see what all the noise was about and see what goodies they can find. The heavy stubber starts off in prime position.
Was this a case of the pirates helping the gangers or the other way around?

Being local, some of the gangers made use of secret tunnels to outflank the PDF positions.

More sneaky gangers, including the leader!

More of the gang hiding in buildings on the other side of the board.

The first group move up and take positions around the lander pad.
And the outflanking group move into more advantageous positions.

The heavy stubber opens up and immediately knocks Captain Grandall to the floor with a stinging flesh wound. Oh Bugger!
The sneaky gangers on the flank open up and wound one of the brave PDF boys.

The rest of them move into cover as quickly as possible to try and get away from the Heavy and to secure one of the recoverable items (loot counters)
The heavy had Captain Grandall in his sights and let rip. However the Emperor must have been watching the good captain!
With some good recovery rolls, the PDF manage to move down to the building and start to pour fire onto the gangers who had secured some loot on the other side of the road.

The two PDF on the Left flank were taking a battering both had been knocked down several times but managed to recover although the were so full of holes they could barely hold their guns up. One made a desperate bid to take out their tormentors.
Captain Grandall's group managed to take down a number of the gangers but their were just too many of them for the PDF to handle.

The volume of fire meant that the left flank was left completely undefended.

The flamer in the centre was knocked down and his partner was about to be killed as well.

With the plasma gunner in the floor above being splatted by that damned Heavy Stubber, all that was left was a single PDF trooper and Brave Captain Grandall. He decided that discretion was the better part of valour and bottled it!

We played a scavengers mission from Necromunda and basic Necromunda rules and gangs. I made the mistake of spending loads of credits on silly old armour and not enough on bodies. Linz wants to run a campaign based in Scumsville so I'm going to put together a bunch of crusaders based on the Redemptionist list.

I need to finish the Netherport watch first!

We've arranged a weekend in Edinburgh visiting another mate in the first weekend in March so we'll try and get another couple of games in.



  1. I've totally built a wee background for the whole thing in my head already!, ties in the previous nights game too...

  2. Im quite keen on the colour scheme that you used on your PDF/Guard. They remind me of boiler-suited James Bond evil minion types. Thats a good thing.

  3. Cheers Cheetor, I originally painted them for the Vulture warriors scenario and just chose orange on a whim but they do fit with bond/evil stooge look.

  4. Have you seen the fan made "Inquisimunda" rules? They are worth a look!

  5. Once again I find all this totally inspiring! Please keep on gaming!


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