Monday, 16 March 2015

Bicentennial spam

Well this is an auspicious post.

I've managed to stay focussed enough to write up 200 blog posts. I'm very proud of myself. Secondly I've just broken the 70,000 views mark. That along with now having 132 followers (and another 31 on Google+) means that I'm in a fairly good place with this blogging lark. Something my first couple of posts really didn't suggest.

With 200 posts and 70,00 views this means that each post should have roughly 350 views on average but as you can see from the table above some posts are far more popular than others.

By the same token this also means that there are blog posts that are shamefully under represented and these can be seen below. There are various reasons for this, they are short, don't need to be clicked on to be read (so therefore won't show up on the data) and are all from the first couple of months of my serious attempt at blogging. So here for your viewing displeasure are the 10 least popular posts on my blog! (the lowest is only 29 views and the highest is 57!)

10. stagathon-part-2 in which i have a look through the old school books that belong to my best mate

9. xenos-scum some olley aliens

8. xmas-painting &  the-best-laid-plans my latest figure plus what i want to get done

7. doc-done a completed time traveller

6. back-to-reality post wedding black orcs

5. 101-uses-for-modelling-tools-no1 I abuse a tool in order to get at some booze

4. family-photo another wip of the said orcs

3. camera-obscura older models that I found pictures of

2. testing-1-2-3 Black orcs skin test

1. Dr wip time traveller skin wip

Well there you go, 200 posts. Lets see what the next 200 will bring. Cheers to everybody that has ever dropped by and to the folks that are regular followers thanks for coming back over and over. I look forward to another figure give away when we reach 150 followers but for now I bid you adieu!


  1. Well Blogging ssems to be alright for you, I really like this idea to giving light to those more obscure posts ! I really feel it's strange how some get a lot of views when clearly not the most popular if considering the comments and general feedback. It tends to say that views only reflect the interest of bots...

    200 posts is quite an achievement and many of us around could benefit from taking example on you.
    Here's to the other 200 and I hope you bid us Au revoir and not Adieu ;)

    1. Haha, considering I used to married to a French Teacher my knowledge of your native tongue is appalling!

    2. Well, you only say it once so you don't get to use it a lot ;)

  2. Congrats on the milestones sir!

  3. Congrats on your hard won achievement! I look forward to enjoying this blog for years to come!

  4. Wow, come a long way huh? =)


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