Wednesday, 13 May 2015

When the vultures come to town

So, with BOYL15 nearing I noticed that there was a nice little gap on the Sunday morning for a cheeky game of Rogue Trader. Someone on the forum posted a pic of an awesome build of a governers palace that was made up of modular rooms and putting the two together I decided to have a go at doing the Vulture warriors from dimension x meet plenty of cheerful orks with plasma cannon scenario that long term readers will remember me enthusing over.

This is the map of the base that features in the game. Three rooms, two of which are identical. Should be easy. 

Once I'd done a bit of peering at the plans and figured out roughly what size they'd be, I grabbed some mdf sheet that had already been painted white and cut the rooms to size. Once that was done I scored a grid into the floor to represent panels. Then I laid the rooms out to see if I was on the right lines.

Next was the external walls which I cut to the right lengths and glued into place. These were again the same mdf. Then I started on the internal walls. These were made out of Mounting board as you can see from the plans the internal walls are thinner.

Once I'd finished one room I moved on to the next and simply repeated all the same measurements. The middle room only needs walls along one side cos it meets the walls of the end rooms. Then the central section was given a couple of lift shafts and a central loading bay door.

I now need to figure out how i'm going to make the doors and windows (all of which can be opened and closed in the scenario so this will have to be represented somehow). More soon!

While we are discussing scenery I also started this little shrine type thing for games of 7th Voyage.

Once it's got the lid on and you can see where the dome has collapsed inside the building it makes a bit more sense.


  1. that looks fricking awesome!

    LOVE vulture warriors!

  2. Fantastic, I love that scenario. It will be great to see it finished (and surrounded by 'Zogging Algae'!).

    Nice temple as well :)

  3. Your large scale building work is so impressive.

  4. Wooooow!! You make this look so easy! Amazing work, this is gonna rock!!


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