Friday, 23 September 2016

Stunties for November

I mentioned a couple of posts ago that I'm putting on a game over the weekend at the start of November. As I've got a load of figures to paint I dove straight in and got the First faction done. These are all dwarves from the 3rd edition era (or a bit earlier). Having had a quick nose round Stuff of Legends there are some Dwarf Adventurers from 87 and 88, some Imperial Dwarves from 86 and some Norse Dwarfs as well.

(Hargir the Cautious has 'Nobby' written on his tab - cue hilarious story of incautious teenage communication across a crowded playground.)

I decided to divide them into two groups. The one above are obviously a lord and his retainers. I'll let Neil name them and provide a backstory as he's the one that'll be playing them in our game.

The other group are a bunch of adventurers hired by the Dwarf Lord as a bit of muscle. The guy at the front with the hammer will nominally be their leader.

And here they all are, happy as can be. Interestingly, these are not recent ebay wins. These are dwarfs (why not dwarves citadel?) that were used and abused when we were kids. Neil reckons he's got a whole unit of Bugmans Dwarf rangers and maybe the dragon company as well. I can see what's coming next.

I reckon to properly round off this group of adventurers i'm in need of a trollslayer, a wizard and a thief. One day I might add them but for now they are pretty much done. My first Dwarfs in a long, long time.


  1. I owned a handful of these a LONG time ago, got them to battle my handful of Chaos dwarves. Great sculpts with lots of fun character.

    Like the simple livery.

  2. Really classic sculpts. I go with Tolkien btw - it's got to be 'dwarves'.

  3. Very nice - I had a few Dwarves when I was younger. I recall having the one that John Blanche used for a painting guide; I slavishly copied it and was very proud of my second ever painted mini. It's nice seeing the little chaps again -your paint job ties them together beautifully.

  4. Nice paint job, looks like your minis fell right out of the advert!

  5. Fantastic job, really nice to be able to study what you've done here and learn from it, especially as I've painted a couple of these minis myself so it's nice to see what more can be done to take them to the next level.

  6. These guys look terrific! Nice choice of colors. Well done!

  7. great work on those stunties, I do love the old imperial dwarf range, much more characterful then the later puesdo-viking stuff the dwarfs eventually ended up as.....


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