Sunday, 28 September 2014

Suber's Prize

A stranger walked into the Rusty Blaster.
He was after some thrills and some excitement.
The Rusty Blaster seemed a bit quiet. 
Too quiet. 
The target wasn't here. 

He went to the roof and had a good look around.
Nope this wasn't the place. He checked his notes. The next place looked promising. The Sparklin' Pulsar. He'd check it out. Time to catch a flight. Then somebody would have to pay.


  1. Weeeee!
    Wow, man, the guy looks totally ace! :O So cool! I believe he fits in perfectly in what I have currently all over my bench. Thank you very much!!
    I'm currently on a business travel between Italy and France, he will arrive at home earlier than me, oh, what a sweet welcome will I have :D
    You are a gentleman, sir, hats off :)

  2. I'm glad you like him. I had a look through your blog and tried to get a feel for the kind of figs that'd fit with your games, I'm chuffed that I've hit the mark. I even tried to match the basing!

    1. That's right, I noticed about the basing! You really surplussed any expectations I coud have! But now I believe that the honour of naming the character relies on you... :)

  3. Really luscious purple and an excellent pose

  4. Not certain, but i think that's the first mini I've seen with a hand in a pocket! Excellent work!

  5. Very nice. What was the source of the original body?


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