Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Games I'd be playing if i could only pull my finger out

On saturday one of the many envelopes that popped through the front door was a copy of the latest ruleset from Osprey games Lion Rampant.
Having had a read through, they seem like quite a nice little rule set for knock about games with Medieval figs. A retinue (rather than army) runs to about 50 figures (obviously depending on what options you take) in units of 6 or 12. As the author himself explains, he was looking for the game to be fun, quick and cinematic. It certainly looks like it will play that way. This game has the advantage of actually fitting in with the figures I have painted! I have more than enough medieval figures to put several retinues together for some games and I should be able to cover all the available options as well. I just need opponents. Hopefully this will be a set of rules that will actually get used as I'm getting concerned that I end up buying stuff and not getting round to actually ever getting a game in.
Here are some examples of what I mean.

Dux Britanniarum is an excellent game from Too fat Lardies. I know it's excellent cos I have actually played a couple of games when it was at the playtesting stage. I have a goth/germanic/saxon force already to go, Musketeer minatures figures to a man, lovely figures. I bought one one of my mates a set of the rules for christmas last year, I even gave him all the figures to make up his romano-british force, some of which he's even painted. Have I got my figure painted? Have even got them undercoated? Glued to bases? Have I fuck. Grrrrr.

Donnybrook form League of Augsburg. Another set of large skirmish rules this time set in the gun powder age. I bought these so that I could play some Elizabethan/Tudor games. Mostly Spanish vs Dutch or English. Those kind of things. I've painted some Spanish musketeers, converted some Spanish arquebusiers and started on some dutch/english arquebusiers. Have I gone anywhere near the figures this year? Nope!

Two of my friends and I bought the rules and sets of figures. I've made some buildings, one of my mates has even painted some figures. Are mine in the same place that I put them to hide them from my wife when I got home from Salute? Yup.

These look like great fun..........

Need I say more?
I'm sure you've got the idea by now.

So, what am I going to do about it?

The best motivator for me is a game. If I arrange to have a game on a particular date it helps me to focus on getting stuff painted.
Lion Rampant - Requires no painting, simply and adversary. Easy. I call upon volunteers.
Dux Brit - I need to arrange a game with my mate (or anybody else who has an urge) and get my warband painted with that in mind.
Donnybrook - Paint the figures that are required when somebody else shows some interest in playing
A fistful of kungfu - Paint up the 9 figures that it requires and arrange a game with one of my two Salute mates
7TV - Same as above.

So I'm calling on those that know and those that want to get involved, scan your diary and a for the sake of the game - make a date!


  1. I have Dux Britanniarum but neverplayed it. I also have a bunch of Franks/Saxons painted and Some late Romans that could pass as British. I say painted but they were painted about 15-16 years ago for WAB. The have sawdust flock on them but tyhey are lovely foundry Perry sculpts.

    1. Well, if we arrange a game I shall get bunch if hairy Germanics painted.

  2. I bought Bux Brit with the idea of converting it to fantasy skirmish or HYW France. Yeah.... that didn't progress very far.

  3. I've got Dux Brit, and fully painted forces for Saxons AND Romano-Brits. No opponents, and I'm all the way over here in the USA.

  4. I have none of the above, would be willing to play any and may even be willing to purchase, especially lion rampant, that appeals a lot!

    1. Like I said, I've got more than enough figures to get a game of Lion Rampant in. Let do this! (he said feeling all colonial)

    2. Coolio, I have some of the 5th edition Perry Brettonians in storage somewhere so I may see about getting them done but I don't half like the Foundry stuff.............................

      I'll see when the misses is working and I have "free time", I can come to you or you can come to me, either works.


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