Saturday, 13 September 2014

OGRE Roguer campaign poseur

Silly title doesn't rhyme but I'm in a funny mood. Being back at work has done nothing for my painting time. Most evenings I have barely enough energy to put the dinner on and the kids to bed before slumping, slack jawed in front of the boob choob. However we do have our upcoming dungeon crawl round at Erny's legendary kitchen next week and I'm getting quite excited by it. For those of you that don't know, over on the Oldhammer forum we have kind of self-divided ourselves into geographically relative groups so that we can organise games and meet up. OGRE is the name of the group that I joined/belong to/helped found and I suggested that after BOYL14 we really make an effort to meet up and get games in, the result of that conversation is the dungeon crawl that Tedwin de Pu'del and Gadscon le Grump will be taking part in. This one little game has birthed so much positvity and creativism that I thought we should use it as a jump off point for loads more fun. You just need to look at Antipixi and Rabs work to see that we are all excited. Snicket has already been discussing fantasy campaigning on his blog which was the reason that I started to think about the Hobgoblin army list and today I had another idea. The wife and I actually got a chance to go to the cinema today and we went to see Guardians of the Galaxy which we had been promising ourselves since we first so the trailers almost a year ago.

If you haven't seen it yet you should go and treat yourself, it's a brilliant sci-fi romp with it's tongue firmly in it's cheek (and a great soundtrack). What i took from it though was that it was essentially full of little scenarios that'd be perfect for small warband based rogue trader games. It's this kind of cinematic excitement that makes playing smallish sci-fi games fun. I also thought about my earlier post where I discussed moving on the narrative of the games that I play with my oldschool mates and i decided that the chaps OGRE should be part of their own sci-fi narrative.

So I pose this question (hence the title) to my OGRE compatriots, who would be up for a playing Rogue Trader games based on small warbands all battling each other in linked games, heading towards saving a planet/ a system / a sector/ a galaxy?

Here is my idea. We all start off with a little warband, whatever you want but they are looking for something, as is everybody else.

There are several of these 'things' and you know that you require a number of them in order to sell them on/ unlock a secret gate/ perform a ritual /bribe and official/ buy someone back from kidnappers. These 'things' are in different places and some people people know where they are/might be/who owns them.
We organise games with as many people as we require, we design our own scenarios for other people to play and we GM and we all race to possess the 'things' in order to do whatever we need to while all the other warbands try to stop you or steal your shiny 'things' for their own purposes.
The reasons for doing it this way are simple
- Minimum figure count so that we don't have to take our eyes of our respective leadpiles for long.
- You can rolepley your own warband anyway you like and they can have their own mission and style
- Any combination of OGRE members can play a game and post it on their blog and it adds to the narrative
- Everybody gets to come up with scenarios and third party NPC's to get in the way and invite folk to take part and we all try to out do each other with our fiendishness.

One more twist that I've only just thought of, each player doesn't know how many of the shiny 'things' they need but somebody else does. When you post your score on your blog after a game, the other player that knows the number you need contacts you and lets you know. It's then up to you to set up the "doom-laden end scenario" and other players volunteer to try and stop your evil/good/moneygrabbing plan.

So, how does that grab you? Let me know.


  1. Yes. Yes to all of that! A good reason to paint those Spacelord miniatures that keep appearing by magic through my letter box...

  2. Lady Nkiruka and her abhuman minions wil be well up for this!

    Or maybe Imamu's Eradicators could rock up to the party.

    Oh the decisions we gamers have to make!

  3. Yeah, I thought GOG was a great sci-fi flick! I've read a few reviews online, all basically saying "it's not your typical superhero movie, it's way better than they expected". It's a refreshing break from all the previous formulaic superhero movies that MARVEL have pumped out over recent years, I'm completely bored with them.

    My favourite part of the movie would have to be when Starlord broke into impromptu breakdancing near the end.......great stuff :D

    Movies are an awesome source for gaming/painting/roleplaying/hobby material. I rip them off shamelessly whenever I can.

    Goodluck with the narrative campaign :)

  4. Sounds like a flipping awesome idea, now just got to come up with a gang!

  5. Cool! That's four of us up for it, what Erny, Lenihan and Barney? Anybody else in the area? I think I'm going to use this as an excuse to paint some orks!

    1. Save posting your Orks until Orc(k)tober then. I'm certainly up for this though my head is very firmly in the Star wars universe at the moment. From me you may end up with an alien gang bearing a striking resemblance to Jabba's henchmen or even just a charismatic space smuggler and his over hairy brick of a pal.

    2. Waiting till Orktober is an excellent idea and as far as sci-fi influences go, they are your figures, as long as they are cool and can shoot stuff pretty much anything goes! (in fact they could be tragically uncool, there's a theme for a warband, space-nerds)

    3. Well you've been warned. Don't complain if I forsake my RT goodies for WOTC plastics.

      I always loved Rocket Raccoon by the way and GotG back when they wore silly costumes.


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