Sunday, 7 September 2014

Buddies for de Pu'del

After finishing Sir Tedwin I decided that he needed a couple of adventuring partners to guide him through the dark and dangerous spaces under the old world. I dug out a couple more Black Tree figures and set about snipping. The one on the left lost his head, arms and sword while the other guy was fortunate enough only to be beheaded.

A variety of parts were then dug out of the bits piles and glued into place. The axe wielding retainer was straight forward enough with a simple head replacement. The lamp carrier was alittle more involved. The arm holding the lantern had to be snip and repositioned and various pouches were added. The symbol on his forehead was removed and the moulding on his paperwork was removed.

Both of them then had a bit of greenstuffing. Lantern guy needed his left sleeve bulking out to match his right arm and both had collars added as well as texture on the base.
And then I added some paint. I've only had time to do the Lantern holder and here he is next to Sir Tedwin.
Keeping his distance, you can see some of the detail on his map.

A slightly blurry pic of the map hand but you can see the rooms and the route they intend to take. I'm wondering if he's learned enough to read a map, he might know a little bit of magic too......


  1. That lantern holder dude turned out really good! You should be very proud the end product, paint job and all!

    Well done :)

  2. These guys are great, full of RPG flavour.

  3. Those pieces fit surprisingly well, these conversions are awesome! Gret results on conversion and painting :)

  4. As usual your results outstand me sir, very nice indeed.

    I just hope Mappy doesn't end up being a better magic user than my Wizard!!! =)

  5. Excellent conversions, and very useful for a bit of dungeon exploration. (and the handy bit of "look out sir!")


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