Saturday, 20 September 2014

Dungeon crawling

Dungeon crawling as a collective manhug was experimented with at Chez Erny on a school night of all things! The random crew of adventurers collected themselves on the legendary kitchen bunker. L-R Rab, moi, Antipixi, Barney, Snickit and Lenihan. This was the largest meet up of OGRE members since BOYL and is a kick off point for hopefully many more games. Erny set the standards high as far as hosting is concerned and despite Antipixi doing his best to wake up the kids we managed to have a great time while being relatively sober (despite the 7.4% beer that I brought along!)

Having so many bloggers participating in one game meant that every move was photographed from various angles. Even Antipixi's late life realisation that he does indeed have monkey feet.
Snap, snap, snap, snap! The adventurers get papped.

The actual game was based on 3rd ed Fantasy with us using the random character traits to add some individuality. We brought Gadscon along to make the tea. In the first room we encountered a swarm of bats. Horseboy the Dolgan and Sir Tedwin charged in. Oh my but these bats were harder than they look! Oh dear, the dolgan is dead! This may be a very short adventure. The day was saved by the interrupting elf! 'Ta-da! I skip across the debris like a light footed demi-god'

In the next room we found it far easier to chop up a troll (god knows whats going on with the party's skill levels).

The pace of the action was so frenetic that the paps couldn't keep focus! Gobbos get in the way of The elf's showing off.

Erny has invested in the Dwarven forge dungeon set and it looks fantastic. It is a pleasure to lay on probably well worth the investment if your wife doesn't know how much it costs.

The elf's insistance on bounding ahead and opening doors did  have its drawbacks.

But he seems to be out prove something. HUZZAH!

The adventurers worked their way up the inside of the hollowed out hill and stumbled into the orc sleeping quarters.

Sir Tedwin brashly charged into the midst of the greenskins, whirling his great sword in an arc of death bruises and dull headaches.

"we have reason to believe that you, Mr Lardo, was in the vicinity of the dungeon when the gold pieces went missing...."

After the sleeping quarters we found the kitchen where the chef was in the midst of prepping some deep fried dwarf. Not wanting to be shamed by the pointy eared git, Tedwin charged in to action with the floury Ogre.

Dolgan Horseboy managed to prove handy when shooting wolves on the next level, all that practice knocking hobgobs out of their saddles i'd Imagine.
And after defeating a few more gobbos the threat of being locked out by the night encouraged us to call a halt. But not before poor Gadscon had taken and arrow to the tea bags!

So what have we learned? Erny has a team of helpers hiding in his garage, Antipixi attracted his wife by writing with his feet, We are still not sure what the Dungeonquest figures look like, it's easier to get to Cambridge than leave it late at night and Irn-Bru is dangerous late at night.

Looking forward to the next installment!


  1. -chuckle- I think that sums it up perfectly! I'd forgotten the monkey-feet-as-foreplay routine...

  2. Looks like a great time was had, much easier with good company and an amazing dungeon set up!

  3. It was AWE------SOME!

    Do it again real soon.

  4. Great commentary. Sums up the night pretty well.

    It was very good fun! We were punching well above our weight as Level 5 characters.

  5. Very nice indeed. Looks like a very fun night.

  6. Great looking dungeon! Was it all built for the event?

    1. It's completely modular, each of the 4 square sections are separate and line up to produce rooms, doors etc


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