Thursday, 18 February 2016

Zombie Dragon Rampant AAR

The chevauche across the badlands had gone well for Duke Fare d'eniugh. The great Dragon, Gonzoless, had died at the battle of Tarts but a friendly necromancer had ressurected him for a small fee. He smelt a bit but has behaved himself pretty well ever since. The Dukes men had overheard a conversation about a golden mole kept in a mountain cave by a tribe of hobgoblins. The hobgobs were apparently far away causing mischief so the loot was easy pickings. The duke took his Warband and the ex-dragon to the mountain cave and freed the golden mole in time for lunch. With hearty cheer and with bravery in their hearts the Warband marched out into the valley....

Smack bang into the returning tribe of Hobgoblins blocking the exit. This was going to be messy. 

The Dukes men were taken aback and only advanced hesitantly. The green horde advanced steadily, they wanted their mole back. 

The doughty halberdiers advanced to defend the pass by the lonely farmhouse. A strange guttural cry came from a close by group of greenskins and suddenly the men were confused and muddled. The sergeant at arms screamed and swore at the milling soldiers. A couple of healthy slaps around the helmets and the halberdiers were back into some kind of order. 

The mounted flower of Bretonnia moved towards the walled garden at the other side of the farmhouse. 

The orcs cowering at the other side of wall launched a hail of black fletched arrows and one of the upper class ate mud as he and horse tumbled to the ground. 

After taking some arrows to the face, the first unit of Hobgoblins charged at the Halberdiers.

The combat was indecisive and the groups parted for a breather. The archers took another round of shooting and then ran for it.

The wheezing ex-dragon moved up to the wall and eyed the green skins, deciding who was going to be lunch.

The second unit of Hobgobs charged the pesky archers.

Faces were pummelled and bows were snapped. The archers lost and both sides parted.

Leaving the hobgobs stuck in front of the halberdiers.

The ex-Dreagon charged the bugbears while the knights went for the last unit of Hobgoblins. Things were not looking good for the Greenskins.

One of the Bugbears was chewed up and spat out but the big hairy fellas were still in the fight. The Knights crashed into the hobgoblin unit but only killed one of the lanky greenies who fell back as well.

The Orcs continued to pepper the ex-dragon with arrows and managed to take it down to below half strength.

Predictably the Halberdiers went for the Hobgoblins who put up very little fight and were put to flight.

The Knight went for the Bugbears who despite losing managed to take the Kniggets down to half strength. As the Bugbears withdrew they passed their courage test so were still in the fight. The knights were finished off by the last Hobgoblin unit.

They then had to deal with the half strength Ex-Dragon who they dealt with with aplomb.

The Hobnobs the turned round and charged the halberdiers. The ensuing combat destroyed both units (and we were so excited we forgot to take a photo so you'll have to cope with a picture of the battle site)

This left the lowly archers as the only unit left on the Duke's side. They manoeuvred over to the shelter of some trees to try and finish off the Bugbears and then hopefully deal with the untouched Orc's

The Bugbears weren't afraid of any silly arrows and moved towards the archers who promptly fluffed their shooting roll...

Leaving the Bugbears a free run to crush the annoying little Humies! Victory to the Greenies! We got our Mole back!

If you are interested in that kind of thing The duke's forces consisted of

Dragon 10pts (greater warbeast with flying and flame breath)Light Missile 4ptsHeavy Riders 4ptsHeavy Foot (with offensive) 6pts

The Hobgoblins were

3x Bellicose foot 4pts each
1x Heavy Infantry (Bugbears, Reduced model count)
1x Light Archers 4pts
A wizardling in one of the Bellicose foot units opts

This was our first game of Dragon Rampant and I have to say it was a great laugh all the way through. The game plays quickly and is easy to pick up. Their was a minimum of book flicking and the activation system means that you are on the edge of your seat for the whole of the game. Bellicose foot hit hard but defend like poop. Antipixi's best unit was his heavy foot who were able to defend and attack at the same level (thanks to their offensive upgrade). The whole game took an hour and half and it swings back and forth which is just what you want from a wargame. I can highly recommend it. For a week night fantasy game this is my ruleset of choice. Who's next?


  1. Fantastic sounding game and a great report. This rule book is on my purchase list for sure!

  2. Great stuff. Having a lot of fun playing Dragon Rampant with my son!

  3. Looks like a LOT of fun.

    I'm definitely into playing some of that.
    My (ninja) people will call your (hobgoblin) people and we can do (Dragon Rampant) lunch.

  4. Good to see your bugbears and Chris' dragon get a good outing. Dragon Rampant works really well at this scale, doesn't it? I'm a convert!

  5. Great battle report and write up.
    I too have really enjoyed Dragon Rampant,
    I particularly like the bugbears.

  6. Thanks for the report. Sounds like it was great fun.

  7. Good stuff sorry I couldn't make it.

  8. A great AAR, itching to try these.

  9. Top stuff. Kind of interested to hear how it compares to Age of Sigmar, but then I remember I'm not interested in supporting the company GW has become so it's irrelevant. ;) Have you tried ranking some units up and playing Kings of War? You can get through a game of that in an hour and a half, too.

  10. LOVE the old school figs and the great write up!
    We are still playing a bit of DR at our club and love it - great for getting 2 games in in an evening without any stress.


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