Wednesday, 20 November 2013

The best laid plans........

I'm getting the itch. I haven't had a game of anything in a couple of weeks and I'm feeling the need to get something organised. After painting the good Doctor I've got an idea for a game of Rogue Trader. All I need now is some folks to play with. A couple of months ago I met with a bunch if guys from the oldhammer forum in Cambridge and had a great days old school gaming. Hopefully we can get together again soon and if we do I'd like to GM! And in true old school style I'll bring the figures, the scenery and run the game. The plan is to have a four way game so I'd require four players, I've already started putting some of the figures together. I finished this one today
He's a old confrontation figure that I managed to score on eBay at not to bad a price. He's going to be a villainous Psyker backed up by some space pirate scum. 
Another character is going to be....
Jerry Cornelius, or at least the figure. I think he'll be a wily, conniving, inter-stellar con man type backed up by some hired muscle like the guy on the left. 
The Doctor will be the leader of the third faction accompanied by some friends and possible allied with some xenos such as some of the Bob Olley ones you might be able to see here. 
Which obviously need to be finished. This is the main reason I like having a game organised. I do well getting stuff painted when I have a deadline. And for faction number 4 I think we have something a bit more law and order-ish. How about and inquisitor and his retinue.
And some storm troopers to back him up.
Looky! I actually have a faction done! Apart from basing ( are we sensing a theme?) 
So are any of the OGRE oldhammerers up for a bit of Rogue Trader action? And if the plan to have a get together at warhammer world comes to fruition then anybody fancy playing this scenario there? 


  1. I really like your skintones, is there any secret recipe you might be willing to share around?
    The iron clow pirates are nice minis, I see them coming back under the spotlights these days and I am tempted to get mine out too. Curious to see what colour scheme you're planning to use.

    Very great work so far.

  2. I usually use foundry flesh as a start and then a wash with gryphon sepia (or whatever the equivalent now is) then I re-paint with the flesh and then highlight with foundry flesh light ( foundry colours come in sets of three if you haven't used them before, shade, colour and light. It makes painting quite easy). Depending on the colour I'm after I might do wash of sepia again or a wash of ogryn flesh and then highlight again with the flesh light. Variations might be that the original wash will be a darker brown or I might just to a flesh tone and heavily highlight with the light tone and then wash-highlight- wash- highlight of I can be arsed. If often depends on how much I like the model!

  3. Nice, not being familiar with Jerry Cornelius I thought of a one headed Zaphod Beeblbrox or Howard Stern. Sounds like it will be a good game.


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