Saturday, 16 November 2013

Finished and started

They took twice as long as I thought (mainly cos of my laziness) but apart from a wee bit of basing I reckon they are pretty much done! 
They look quite good in my humble opinion and I'm going to use them as the first unit in my new army. Inspired by the old school (and newly revamped) card game 'chaos marauders' I fancied an army that is part green skin and part chaos horde. Strictly speaking if I stuck to the army lists in 'warhammer armies' I'm not allowed to have black orcs but what's the point of oldhammer if you can't just put all your favourite toys on the table! So my next couple if units are likely to be chaosy, some beastmen, some chaos thugs and maybe some chaos marauders! Following that, I want to have a hobgoblin unit (everybody loves hobgoblins!) and a unit of half-orcs. I've already been busy on eBay! Anyway the black orcs weren't the only thing I finished this afternoon (wife and kids are out in a play date and all I had to do was Hoover the house!) 
I also got my tech-priest done. He's been sitting about half done for months so I decided to finish him off. He's pretty much scratch built but with bits and bobs from various companies and kits. I'm probably going to use him in variety of different guises, from accompanying my sons of Horus to being a character in RT games. 
So with these things finished I thought I'd get started on some more figs. 
Some rogue trader figs, Jerry Cornelius, Dr. Payne and some confrontation gangers. Talking of confrontation, we've been chatting at the oldhammer forum about running a game at the next oldhammer event. Obviously we're going to have to think about how we are going to make it work in reasonable time frame and this may mean hacking at the rules a bit to see if we can get it to work. And if not, we can always just play it as Rogue Trader! Any thoughts? 


  1. I definitely agree that Warhammer Armies should not be slavishly adhered to. In fact, I'm starting think that whereas 3rd ed has something of the spirit of Oldhammer, the Warhammer Armies book really does not, and was something of the start of a slippery slope!

    1. Got so caught up ranting, that I forgot the point of my comment, which was to say that I REALLY like the idea of a Chaos force with greenskins in it.

  2. Agree with Robotforaday, if you can enjoy the crunchy, flavoursome rules of 3rd while maintaining the free spirit of 1st and 2nd you are on the right track imho. Love your BOrcs, and the theme of your army.

  3. On Confrontation, if the person GMing it knows the rules just well enough to run the game it will flow and be a success. Nobody else needs to worry about the rules, they just need to bring a few minis or even borrow some from the GM.

  4. The black orcs are great, love the pop of the shields and banner. The tech priest is really interesting too. I like all the detail on his robe. And as for the spirit of Oldhammer, I concur, what's the point if you can't dust off all your old figures.


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