Tuesday, 26 January 2016

More Spanish Decapitation

Back in the mists of time I explored getting the most out of citadels Estallian arquebusiers to use as Spaniards for dutch revolt games (which is what they essentially are thanks to the lovely Perry bros). In this post I took a saw to the two guys on the left and centre of this photo. I do however have just as many copies of the dude on the right. I need to pull my finger out and figure how to spread the head swapping love.

Going back to the start, you can see that the citadel guys mix well with Foundry figures (far left) and Gamezone (far right). So that gives me a lot more flexibility with choice of figure.

This illustration of Spanish Arquebusiers fighting during the Battle of San Quentin in 1557 gives you an idea of the look i'm going for with my companies.

I've already finished one company and I've got enough figures for 3 more, (if I add in some of the foundry swashbucklers which are slightly earlier but i've picked the ones with Trunk hose so they shouldn't be that out of date, most people won't care anyway!)

Back to the original problem - how to inject a bit of variety into this figures.

First is first. Lets get the saw out. I've got a jewellers saw which is nice and fine. I start off behind the rim of the helmet and above the ruff.

The saw cut is as careful as possible in line with the ruff, i want to keep the outside detail of the ruff, i play to greenstuff the top surface and re-use the head.

The sad sight of the chopped off noggin

Time to try new bonce's. First two are GW heads, the metal one used to come with the mixed plastic/metal imperial handguns kit and is a nice 16th century Burgonet. The plastic one is from the recent imperial huntsmen sprue (is it recent, probably years ago now!) which was a great little set. Wish i had another one.

The first of the next heads is another burgonet this time from Bicorne miniatures, intended for English civil war figures but fits fine in this situation. The second is from one of the other estalians, this time wearing a nice spanish morion.

And using that sad decapitated noggin from earlier and the other estalian body we have yet another variant.

Next up. Pinning and glueing the heads on and green stuffing the ruffs back to there former glory.


  1. Nice! Really enjoyable (and fine!) work. Looking forward to seeing more!

  2. They say variety's the spice of life don't they?? Looking good!

  3. I'm a firm believer in the art of head swapping - a relatively simple conversion that can entirely change the look and feel of a mini. More power to your arm and jeweller's saw ;)

  4. Very inspirational! I need to do this with some Wood elfs...reminder to self...by a jewllers saw!

  5. Great job, I really need to dust off my own version of this project.


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