Monday, 2 February 2015

Vlarg's next move

Nearly a year ago Neil and I got together at his house and pitted his chaos renegade war band against my Sensei war band. The resultant clash, Battle of NIttin, saw The Sensei, Zander Van Zant and his war band having to retreat in tatters from the lair of Vlarg Half-Iron. One of the Sensei's war band , poor little Gerson, failed to recover from his injuries and while attempting to recover and lay their comrade to rest the Sensei were jumped by an imperial hunting party. In Escape from Gerson's Rest the Sensei managed to fight their way through the imperialists giving them a severe bloody nose.

Now, Van Zant's Warband has tracked Vlarg's war band to a back water imperial planet. His Warband had expanded since the last encounter with a group of 9 cultists following Vlarg into battle. Neil rolled for a reward for the cultists an gained.....(drum roll!)......Moronic! meaning they need to pass an intelligent test (on a 5!) when ever they want to do anything!

Linz was the one who set up this scenario and the story involved an imperial foraging party who have found something unsettling and have called in a superior to take the item off their hands (middle right). This communique is presumably what attracted Vlarg to the area.

The Sensei war band start at the other and of the board.

As Vlarg and his cronies start in the opposite corner, handily pointed out by Neil.

An imperial missle launcher takes it's first shot at the cultists, obliterating two. But they are too moronic get out of the way!

The traitorous guards from Vlarg's war band rush up the stairs and onto the gantry and right into the face of the missile launcher which promptly misses.

The shuttle takes off from the landing pad and lands nearer the imperials as all hell breaks loose.

And they are charged by a rampaging psychic Zoat!

The imperial overseer takes the Zoat on!

Just as a series of mechanical noises result in a battle droid appearing from an underground chamber.

Fire from the traitors guard fells most of the Imperial bodyguards as well as the troopers from the foraging party.

The servitors attack the Zoat and the psyche from the Sensei joins in as he attempts to get out of the line of fire from the Droid. Neil attempted to teleport his Zoat out of the way but failed. I had my psyker use Hammerhead in attempt to kill off the Zoat but failed to wound.

The rest of the war band worked their way round the flank to take out the Morons and the guardsmen.

While  the Eldar hunter teleported to the other side of the field to sneak up behind the chaos marines.

Vlarg rushed to grab the chaos relic from the pile of bodies at the ramp of the shuttle, taking out the pilot as he does so.

The combat droid turns at the appearance of a new threat and blast him with his hand flamer .

In the combat, the psyker falls....

Quickly followed by the Zoat.

The Eldar makes his move and shreds the Crimson coloured traitors with his Shrunken pistol.

In the harsh light of the flames, Vlarg attacks the combat droid, half-iron vs iron man.

Gambling that the remaining morons will fail to get their act together and that the Droid will keep Vlarg busy, the Sensei make their move.

But Vlarg defeats the droid and rushes into the shuttle interior along with his remaining marine follower. They pass an intelligence test and start the shuttles engines.

Van Zant takes a shot with his Plasma pistol, damaging one of the engines.

But despite all their efforts, Vlarg manages to escape in the damaged flyer with Van Zant in hot pursuit!

We had a great game. It's nice getting more than one in a weekend. It seemed to be going all Neils way (apart from his morons) with Linz's imperials falling apart under the war bands onslaught. The surprise appearance of the droid nearly tipped the balance. I spent ages sneaking around hoping that Linz would be able to thin the chaos numbers down a bit before I made my move. However I was just a bit too slow, despite the Eldar hunter killing off three marines with ease. Still it now means we get to have a follow up game.

In the follow up rolls, most of Neils war band survived (only two guardsmen died and several had injuries) but he did receive a double roll on the new followers table, gaining 9 more guardsmen and a Ork renegade as well as a Skull face reward for Vlarg himself.

Van Zant's war band did well enough to gain and new reward for him (marksmen) and a new follower, a squat rebel leader!


  1. Well done!

    Also like the pics quality a lot - how much light do you use? Simple daylight or a lamp directly over the battlefield?

    1. Thanks. There was daylight coming in the window plus there is a light above the table but nothing special.

  2. Inspirational post. One of my New Year's resolutions is to get more gaming in and reading reports like this leaves me gagging for a game.

  3. Very cool, looks like fun and looks great too.

  4. That's awesome, that table looks so damn good!

  5. Maybe one day my table will look that nice. Excellent scenario. Your work is endless inspiration. (And you're definitely getting some good use out of those new corridor sections you built. I like 'em a lot.)


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