Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Turf war! - Erny and Snicket @ chez whiskey

To round off my weekend of games I invited Erny and Snicket round on Monday night for a game of RT. Erny brought round some of his Orks (yeah he does the 40k version as well!) and Snicker borrowed some of my Imperial army. The boys decided they wanted to play on the big rusty board and we had a chat about scenario's and we decided that Erny's Orks and my Scavvies were in the middle of a turf war in some ramshackle back water hive. We could win by having more figures than the other in the opposite teams deployment area. Snicket's imperialists were trying to receive some very rare STC constructs, strange tyre's that are a bright and strange colour! He had to retrieve the constructs and get back off his deployment area, namely the stairs coming out of the lower corner.

We decided to roll fro priority in each turn so that we never quite knew who would be getting first turn. Pretty much straight away, Snicket's trooper appeared at the top of the stairs and took out two scavvies. Mungo then lumbered towards the imperialists, shrugging off an Ork missile to the face!!

The scavvy boss headed in the opposite direction to deal with the ork threat from the other side of the board.

Two of the filthy subhumans moved along the upper walkway to try to get to the work side of the board. Taking completely ineffective pot shots at the advancing green skins.

The boys advanced in two groups, one up on the walkway and one at ground level, supported by another boy and the dastardly missile launcher boy.

Mungo was felled by the commissar who advanced with determination and chinned the massive organ with his power fist.

The Orks the took a fusillade of shots from the advancing troopers.

 But they continued to advance across the sewer-river.

And despite losing one of their comrades the lower group made it on to the Scavvy side their plasma gunner missing any targets he aimed at.

The scavvies fought back and downed the Plasma gunner before he could do any damage but the ability to hit the side of a barn was not one of the skills that had been on the scavvy application form.

The imperialists advanced cautiously, allowing the two groups of scum to whittle each other down.

The orks charge into combat with the scary boss and two of his lads

Misses from the Orky back up rain down on the Scavvy positions taking out one of the lads on the upper walkway but missing Blind bob (so named as he failed to hit anything throughout the game)

The Orks made light work of the scavvies only losing one of their number.

The two remaining works from the other group attempted to halt the advance of the imperialists.

They received help from the missile launcher taking out some of the troopers who straight into it's line of sight.

However it wasn't enough to stymie the advance.

The Mecahincus Adept reached the top of the stairs first and cleaved the greenskin in twain.

He didn't have long to gloat before he was vaporised by a well aimed orky missile which corkscrewed through the air and straight into his face.

On the ground level the trooper finished off the last of the scavvies and started to with draw with one of the STC constructs, not wishing to risk the furious fire from the Ork missile launcher which was pretty much the only enemy left on the table.

As they withdrew a dark shape erupted fro the water and swallowed one of the troopers whole! (the bloody thing was supposed to enter on a roll of 5 or 6 whenever anybody crossed a bridge but my terrible rolling meant he only appeared at the last minute!!)

As the imperialists withdrew off the board the generators gave out leaving the cavernous interior lit by the fires caused by the Ork missile launcher.

A great game and a great end to brilliant weekend of gaming. I think I've convinced both the boys to get stuck into some Rogue Trader gaming. Although technically we all lost it was such a laugh with so many cinematic moments that none of us minded very much. We'll will definitely be doing it again!


  1. Looks like a blast! Great fun to read and lovely photos to gawp over. What's the scavvy with the yellow hood? Don't believe I've seen him before.

  2. He's a gorkmork digga with a bretonnian head and some greenstuff for the bottom of the hood. I think he turned out quite cool!

  3. It was loads a fun, will defo something appropriate painted up soon. Should also do something similar with a 3td edition Fantasy vibe ala Mordheim but not Mordheim.

  4. Looks like it was a good evening. The scenery looks amazing - fantastically tight terrain.

  5. What a setup! Beautiful board, beautiful minis, fantasticular special effects! I love it! You guys must have had a great time!

  6. Thanks for the game Colin. It was great finally playing in Ferrograd the only problem is I now need to start playing RT/Necromunda but I have other projects to finish!


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