Thursday, 5 February 2015

Scavvy update

It occured to me that I hadn't shown off my finished Scavvies before they took part in the fight against Erny and Snicket. So here is the crew so far.

You'll recognise most of them from WIP satges but some of them are newly painted (probably why they died so quickly during the game!)

The guys have been sitting around nearly finished for ages but I took the time to get them finshed. The guy in the middle is one of the old confrontation figs with arms sculpted on by me. I've got a couple more of these guys to do yet so they will appear at some point in the future.

These three are the latest ones finished. To of them are necromunda models with headswaps that I think makes them look much better (the old ones were a bit pinheaded to me) the third guy is an old Bob Olley space pirate that had been decapitated by Axiom and sent to me as part of the Oldhammer Salvation army on the Forum.

He's had a new head and nice hair-do and he's joined my degenerate weirdos.

And last but by no means least is Mungo. He's a big mutie brute from Thunderchild miniatures and I count him as an Ogryn for RT purposes. He's big and gormless and I love him.

The game on Monday night demonstrated that the warband needs a bit of firepower so I reckon next up is going to be some form of heavy weapon, probably a heavy stubber. In fact I think I have a Scaly that might need a gun of some sort. 


  1. Great stuff! Especially liking Mungo. I've got most of the original Necromunda Scavvies, which I've earmarked for a slow-burning scifi project. Your work will definitely be an inspiration when I finally get around to them.

  2. RIP Blind Bob..........................................

  3. Splendid gang, I love how they lok like a bunch of creepy but cheerful look with their colours and facial expressions. Just the kind of gang you want to see on your side ;)

  4. They look absolutely ridgey didge mate.


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