Friday, 10 April 2015

The Patriarch isn't going to be happy!

On the way up north to attend a stag do, I stopped off in the midlands to pick up the other best man and also had time to squeeze in a quick game. 

The imperial forces of Inquisitor Rolfe had corner part of a cult that they believed to have some connection to xenos activity.

Cult members were spread throughout the ruins.

The presence of the enemy was psychically discovered.

The Warband of inquisitor Rolfe moves into the shrubbery round the entrance to the ruined manor house.

The brood brothers, aware of the coming invaders, position themselves around the perimeter

The marines are the first ones into the buildings.

Shots rattle of masonry as the brood brothers prove to be terrible shots.

As the return fire picks off the vast majority of the brood brothers, things look bad for the brood all ready. Some of the hybrids and the purestrain move up to try and reinforce the brothers.

The purestrain rips a skulking marine to bits! Only to be gunned down in the next round.

It looks like the inquisitor is going to breach the walls of the broods meeting place.

The air crackles a splits as strange glowing must appears from nowhere and obscures the inquisitors advance.

The remaining brood brothers try to keep the imperial forces back but they are being pick off relentlessly.

The fourth generation hybrids discuss the best way to save the situation and to keep the brood alive.

The inquisitors party works I way round the freakish mist.

Suddenly a flash issues from the mists centre as to indistinct figures appear with in it.

And another flash attracts the attention of some of the troops whose fire spits and fizzes off some hidden shield. The hybrids walk calmly away into the distance leaving the last couple of brood brothers to die in the service of the patriarch.

I started off with 24 brood brothers, 6 hybrids and purestrain. Linz had 10 guard, 6 storm troopers, 5 marines an inquisitor and 5 retinue members. 
Right from the off it was obvious we were playing with his dice as he hit and killed my brood brothers with gay abandon but I failed to make any real dent into his advancing troops. A couple of small groups of brothers managed to tie up his troops for a short period of time but nothing useful. The ectoplasmic mist slowed them down for a bit but in order to get the precious fourth gens of the table I had to resort to teleporting them. Thankfully they'd all managed to gain the power! And pass their psychic tests! Leaving inquisitor Rolfe with a lot of corpses and an excuse for another game! 


  1. Brilliant! Wow, I love both the scenery and the minis, it all looks ace! Looks like loads of fun. Special mention to the special effects :D, very cinematic, I like that!

  2. The SFX for the mist were both amusing and surprisingly effective :D The terrain looked nice set up like that too, like a real ruin.

    Good stuff Colin.

    1. I think I'll be messing with the effects on my camera app a bit more from now on.

  3. Excellent stuff! The terrain is great, as are the figures. Great read :)

  4. Beautiful looking table, scenery and miniatures.
    Great read!

  5. I really like the look of the table. It suits the scenario perfectly. An inhospitable, windswept coast...a manor long abandoned...rumours of dark creatures and even darker deeds! Perfect.

  6. A complete game Sir, nicely painted figs, gorgeous terrain, great storyline and narrative, great job.

  7. Beautiful minis and great buildings! Very cool!

  8. Over the last couple of days, I've kept drifting back to this post to gaze..such a great looking game! So much to admire! Great job!

  9. The credit for the terrain goes to Linz. It's his table and his terrain which is some lord of the rings stuff, osgiliath ? We had a long car journey back from edinburgh and we discussed putting together a narrative campaign with each of us building and painting new warbands and then playing a linked series of games, rather like they do at tales from the maelstrom. In doing so I hope to lure him into the world of blogging by having him write and contribute posts here. Fingers crossed I can convince him! Are you reading that Linz?

  10. Warming to the idea, might have started sketching out some ideas last night. It ridiculous I'm like "so if I have an inquisitor, what's his motivation? I blame GCSE drama.


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