Saturday, 25 April 2015

Linz's Post, peer pressure results in hobby

So work has started on the Imperial forces converging on Col's wee band of traitors and heretics, it will be tri fold, a Rogue Trader, a team of assasins from a Forge World and an Inquisitor. Now to actually paint something.....
Naval Armsmen. 
Tasked with defence of the Rogue Traders vessel and 'away teams'. They won't have, but we all know what colour shirts these guys should have. Dead simple head swaps on plastic scouts. 

Household Guard 
Elite troops from Baron Konstantin Von Bek's personal body guard, again just head swaps. He's going to be the RT, name shamelessly lifted from Moorcock's eternal champion series.

Mechanicus Deletion team members
These lads have been dispatched to have a conversation about the error of his ways with Col's Magos. Will do a team of 4 based around unit leaders from the recent Skitari book. i think these guys will have names like RS/678 and RA/56-9.
The next batch will be the Rogue Trader and close retinue and the rest of the deletion team starting with turning the old pit slave chief into a Vanguard Squad Leader. Then who knows into some stabby freaky looking thing.


  1. I love what you did here. They are ubercool, looking forward to see them painted.

  2. Awesome stuff!
    I had plans for a similair project, but not until the rats are done.
    I had the idea of a Puritan, Radical, Heretical Inquisitors all going after the same goal in a rogue trader game.
    Your stuff looks great btw and I'm sure will come out fantastic, especially on your terrain.


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