Thursday, 16 April 2015

Peer Pressure!

On the drive back down from Scotland, Linz and I had a chance to have a long old chat about various things but mostly about toy soldiers. I suggested that we need to do something about getting his hobby mojo back. So using my jealousy of the superb narrative campaign games that they have been playing over at Tales from the maelstrom, I suggested a similar objective for us. We each put together a Warband from concept through to completion and then playing a series of games connected by a narrative. In order to make him take part we decided that he'd be able to post updates and ideas on here as a guest contributor. I figured that once the genie was out of the bottle he'd have no alternative but to get his ass in gear and get stuff done! Especially if he sees that you lot are encouraging him. And who knows, if gets to enjoy this blogging lark then he'll maybe start his own then he'll be able to show you his ridiculous amount of figures including the wood elf army he had as a kid which he found in one of his cases at the weekend.

Anyway, to get the ball rolling and to put some pressure on him, here is the rough concept for my Warband. 

Ferdinand Iago Janson Kellerman is a rich and influential trader from the solar segmentum who has recently moved his business to the backwoods around the Pertiboum system. This has raised some eyebrows as well as suspicions about his motives. 
Ferdinand only has his arms blu-taced on at the moment, I think his sword arm needs to be closer to his body but I like his outstretched arm like his using one of Psyker powers.

Ferdinand has become embroiled in a chaotic plot since some of his back room trading has brought him into contact with the daemon bound in his sword. He has developed some powerful psychic powers and built up a substantial cult following.
I'm going roll up the stats for Ferdinand and his sword using The Slaves to Darkness book and I'l probably count him as a chaos sorcerer.

His major ally is Quintos II Agramax, a magos of the mechanicum that has ploughed his own furrow for some time. 
At the moment Agramax is just blu-tacked together but i'm fairly happy with him apart from the position of his manipulator arms.
Agramax has worked without oversight of his mechanicum colleagues to the point that he has dabbled with forbidden technologies and even used xenos tech in his investigations. He has a cohort of his house Skitarii to protect his interests and has been known to have experimented with combat servitors and other more gruesome experiments.

These two will obviously be the big cheese's in the narrative but they will need some foot soldiers to ensure they don't get there heads shot off too early on.

Two of Northstars cultists with a bit of chopping and gluing.
Ferdinands cultists will be made from some of northstar's cultists. I'll add some new weapons and remove some of the fez heads so that they look less earth bound. Agramax will have access to his Skitarii (guess what I'm buying at salute) as well as other weirdo's that I can build. As well as these two sets of troops a man as wealthy as Ferdinand can easily afford to employ mercenaries who will quite happily shoot at strangers as long as there is some money in it.

As far as an overall plot goes. The blade that Ferdinand owns contains part of a Daemon that he and Agramax have been able to communicate with. This has led them to believe that if they can summon the rest of the daemon and imprison it in a host then they will be able to use him to gain even more power and influence. They aren't sure how to do this yet however and need various pieces of information and equipment so that they can carry out there plan. This will be the main motivation for this pair of miscreants ad any other nasty characters that I dream up to support them.

So, Linz, whats your plan?


  1. Ooh, right now fluctuating between a Puritan, complete with no sense of humour and the subtly of a half brick, or a rouge trader with a modicum of conscious or perhaps a debt to pay to an inquisitor (who has less conscious)

  2. I like Ferdinand. Amusingly I have a bunch of the arms that go with the figure (Botz buys) but not the figure itself.

    What made up the body of the Magos? Some forgeworld thing?

  3. I love the Ferdinand figure, I know I've seen it converted somewhere before in a rogue trader setting, perhaps it was here?
    I love the storyline you're creating, I think he would make a marvellous fallen Sensei, allied with a dark mechanicus adept, this stuff writes itself.
    Oh and please, please if u are going to kitbash some Skitarii please give them a tread lower body that would be boss!
    I'm rambling, very cool stuff looking forward for more!

  4. Sounds great. I love reading these kinds of campaigns - gaming at its best, I reckon. And the figures look good too. I like what you've done with the Northstar cultists. In fact, I do really enjoy when people convincingly integrate non-GW figures into their GW warbands.

  5. Cool work! The conversions work perfectly, looking forward to see them painted :)


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