Friday, 25 July 2014

My Top Ten miniatures

In a blatant piece of Bandwagon jumping I thought I'd do a post about my top ten miniatures. The idea started on the oldhammer facebook group and has spread into the blogosphere with Axiom, Orlygg and Chico publishing their own top tens.  I'm going to stick to citadel miniatures as it makes my life easier. So in no particular order I present the 10 miniatures that I love the most (at the moment, it'll change next week, I'm fickle like that!)

Hrothyogg, Ogre Mercenary. This figure has everything you want from an Ogre mercenary, big, imposing, mean looking and brutish. Just the thing to add a bit of muscle to your army.

Agaroth the unwashed. I only became aware of this figure recently. He is from before my time as a wargamer but I fell in love with his skinny little viciousness.  He is a half-orc and looks the part, just a mean, sneaky little bastard.
This is my favourite figure from the Adventurers range, the Space Eunuch. This one is Cheetors version. He just screams techno-barbarian to me. Some barely civilised space-ball with a bad attitude and nasty weapons. Every bad guys dangerous muscle man.

Citadel Uruk-Hai. Specifically the middle figure. Somebody I knew, one of the two guys I used to game with, owned this model and I coveted it so bad when we were kids. something about the swaggering menace of him just got me in the part of the brain that reacts to the 'shiny'. He is going to be used a champion in a hobgoblin unit simply because I want an excuse to use him.

This is a figure I remember painting when I was a kid. He is a Strider/ Aragorn figure by Citadel. I remember thinking that the sword was really sharp! Such a cool figure, his slight downward gaze and his fencing pose and long hair just suggest that there is so much more to the dark stranger that you've met in a bar.

The Ambull. Nuff said.

Bob Olley Adeptus Mechanicus. I've grown to love Bob's mini's and this one is beauty. There is so much detail and intricacy in this that it kind of intimidates me. I haven't built up the courage to paint mine yet but when I do I'm going to take my time and lavish it with attention.

Another Bob Olley sculpt that I want to spend an age painting. The genestealer patriarch on throne. Not so much a playing piece as a centre piece of years of campaigns. Even the magus is a pretty little figure in it's own right but the whole thing has an imposing menace that just ooozes cool.

The Placcy ork. This may be an odd choice but without this figure I probably wouldn't be doing this now. Like many of us, I left the hobby in my late teens and didn't pick it up again till I was nearly 30. Having been an ork player in my youth I went straight for Orks again. I built, converted and painted hundreds of these little buggers and doing so built my chops up from scratch. I'll always have a soft spot for the particular sprue. I know it inside out.

Finally, Chaos Champion with Bone Armour. I don't own this guy yet but it's not through lack of trying. He is just the right kind of evil bastard that I want leading my chaos army when I get round to painting it. The bare head hints at the figures past as a human being but also the transforming power of chaos. He is at once wizened and powerful. Perhaps only motivated by whatever hate he has left for his enemy.

There you go. That is my Top 10 at the moment. Hope you enjoyed it and I hope I reminded you of some of the great figures that citadel have released over the years.


  1. Great choices! I wish I'd selected the Genestealer Patriarch now. Wish I had one even more though!

  2. Yes both Hrothyogg and the Patriarch are both classic models but I just couldn't squeeze them into my list. It would be interesting to poll the community for fav figs one day. I expect that both of those figs would score highly.

    1. That's got to be done at some stage in the not too distant future. Make it so!

  3. Hey, that (was) my Chaos Champion! I sold him ages ago. Really nice sculpt tho. Agaroth the unwashed is a beauty, based on Trevor Hammonds original art, and the ME 44 Uruks are amazing. JG sculpts I think. Great list!

  4. Some nice choices here. Some nice variation coming out as well., Good to see Hrothyogg too. He was my first of the Jes Goodwin Ogres.

  5. Great choices there. I'm a big fan of lots of the old Ogre models, so Hrothyogg is a fitting pick.

    I think I'm going to have to jump on this bandwagon and do a post on my own blog...


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