Thursday, 24 July 2014

An interview with Osiris Klunge - or anything but a one!

One of those lovely surprise happened yesterday, Neil, he who has played in the first Sensei game and came to Salute with me, my best man and my oldest friend, happened to be nearby (well in the same half of the country) and popped over to visit. We spent last night drinking and chatting and catching up. This morning we had a brief opportunity, between the kids going on a play date and him having to catch a train) to play a game. I threw a board together and we came up with a quick scenario.

In her relentless search for the nefarious pirate, Abdul Goldberg, Jenny Tong of Channel Omega news has tracked down the notorious smuggler and racketeer, Osiris Klunge hoping that he may have some useful info. Klunge has been on the run since the incident at Scumsville and has been tracked down by a kill team from the space sharks chapter. The Space Sharks have assumed that Jenny is being held prisoner and have decided now is the time to raid the old water purification plant that Klunge has been using as a hideout.

Jenny is being guarded by / attempting to interview Osiris and two of his cronies.

The marines have snuck up as far as the two moisture recyclers and get first turn.

And move up the middle with Brother Tickel covering with his multi-melta.

The smugglers rush out of cover in attempt to fluke a quick kill and spook the marines. These smugglers have huge cajones!

Miraculously no marines are killed and in the returning fire neither are any smugglers. The smugglers see reason and split up and run for cover. In the following turn Worldburner takes a bolt to the back and drops down dead.

Klunge mean while moves the interview to safer area.

Two of the space sharks split off to try and out flank the smugglers and retrieve the 'hostage'.

The smugglers turn to take pot shots at the advancing astartes but again no casualties occur.

The marine sergeant faces down a smuggler shooting at him from cover.

The smugglers begin to retreat in the face of the marines advance.
But the Eunuch manages to drop one of the emperors finest that were sneaking around the side of the building.

The other marine moves on Klunge but can't get a clear shot past Jenny Tong.
And is intercepted and dispatched by one of the smugglers.

Brother Tickel appears to require training with his Multi-melta! The smuggler who pops a cap in his ass on the other hand appears to be not so unlucky.
This reduces the marines to 3.
The Sgt nonchalantly offs the smuggler who has moved into the open behind him while Brother Redshirt charges the near naked smuggler who recently survived a point blank multi-melta shot.
Unfortunately this smuggler is in no mood to tussle and unceremoniously dumps the marine on his ass with some well practiced Judo moves.

Enraged by the death of Brother Redshirt the Sarge and the remaining space shark move on and the Sarge charges the Beakie Killer! This doesn't go the smugglers way though and he is cut in twain by the Sarge's power sword.

The last time the Sarge saw his communications officer he was heading off to deal with the Eunuch

He charges heroically at the Smuggler chief....

Only to be beaten senseless with a well aimed pistol whipping!

That did not go the way I expected it to! I never seen so many 1's rolled. Poor old Brother Tickel actually hit twice with his multi-melts but rolled ones both times when it came time to wound. Pillock! I don't know what Neil has done to anger the dice gods but he needs to start making amends.

We had a great little game, thrown together in 10 minutes and it probably only took us an hour to play so he managed to grab and earlier train and I was all tidied up before the family arrived back. Huzzah!


  1. The table looks the business Colin.

    The Space Sharks on the other hand need to hire a consultant or go on some team building exercises or something. Those guys are in-ept ;)

  2. What a fantastic game, love the table and the story, very imaginative!

  3. Hi!

    Cracking looking game there! It really embodies the look and spirit of Rogue Trader!

    All the best

  4. Wooo, I love this from the beginning to the very end! That scenery is ace, and all the development of the whole scenario looks gorgeous. I have really enjoyed this one, makes me eager to finally play again!

  5. Nice report, Colin. I love the small scale narrative that RT inspires.

    Sounds like the pair of you had good fun. Excellent use of an impromptu opportunity!

  6. Great little game ! A good story, some excellent models on a superb board, you have all the ingredients for a splendid time between friends !

  7. Aye, it was good fun! My marines got a good whupping. Think am gonna ditch the marines and play with a squad of semi naked pistol toting eunuchs in loincloths next time!


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