Sunday, 13 July 2014

Open for business!

Through the towers and ziggaruts of Ferrograd a shining beacon beckons weary travellers to come and refresh themselves.

The Rusty Blaster is known sub-sector wide as the place to meet the dodgiest dodgers and grooviest cats. The place to find stuff you don't really want and to get rid of stuff that you shouldn't have.

As you can see. I've managed to do a bit of painting and put together the bits and bobs for the bar that'll feature in Ferrograd. I'd imagine that it'll get used a fair bit in other games in the future as well.

Here we are peaking in the window during one of the intermittent raids that the local fuzz carry out on the poor customers of the friendly bar.

You can see that there is plenty of room in the building for games. There is a back room for 'private chats' and there is even a load of rooms downstairs that'll be used for nefarious uses.
Luckily that patrons are more than able to defend themselves against the local uniformed bullies.

Toodle pip!


  1. I want a drink in the Rutsy Blaster! Great work.

  2. Dodgiest dodgers! Just my type of scum :)

    Ferrograd just keeps on looking better & better.

    Well done Whiskey.

  3. looks the business. Can't wait to see it in future posts

  4. Between BOYL14 and BOYL15 I better get a few games in on this board. Looks stunning, that first shot looks like a real view of a dump of a club in some run down town like I don't know, Dunstable.

  5. Cheers guys. I've still got a load of bits and pieces to do but I'm really happy with the way Ferrograd has turned out.
    @Erny. Anytime pal I'm only 20 minutes or so away!

  6. Looks really exceptional and it would be an amazing piece for dark heresy

  7. So awesome....I'm pretty sure I hung out in a bar like this in college!

  8. Fantastic! All the little touches like the posters really make it sing. All you need now is the Spacelords bar set added in ;)

  9. That looks absolutely brilliant. Lovely scenery like this really fires the imagination. Great stuff.

  10. Seriously, Ferrograd is truly awesome, absolutely atmospherical, it's the place where everyone would love to have a game. Your work is inspirational!

  11. Yep, Ferrograd is all kinds of awesome- you should be very proud!

  12. Fantastic!!!
    How do you paint your terrain? Not with a brush?!?

    1. Check back through the blog and you'll find a couple of posts about it but basically it's Matt Black spray followed by a squirt of greys browns and reds. On top of that I attack it with a couple of shades of rust weathering pigment and yes I use a brush for that! Detail with posters and graffiti and a bit of painting on the doors and hey presto your done!


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