Thursday, 17 July 2014

In action

A couple I quick pics of the Ferrograd board in use. For the past couple if years I've run a days worth of games for kids as part of the end if term 'enrichment activities'. Cut down 40k rules and team games. Some of the kids had never played before and had a blast. That's what it's all about! 

Yesterday's MDF buildings painted up to match the rest of the board. They worked out pretty well. And when I got home see what was waiting for me....


  1. Sod it, I want to go back to school and have you as a teacher !

  2. I'm definitely jealous you get to play games for enrichment, whereas I spent the day being deafened by our sports day's "motivational music" (i.e. shoddy, autotuned, talent-free rubbish whose only virtue is that the beat is a suitable pace to exercise to). Buildings are looking good, too!

    1. Ah, sports day was last week. I spent two hours in a suit and tie in the beaming sunshine measuring shot-put attempts. Not fun!


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