Wednesday, 16 July 2014

....for cutie

Another job done! I've slapped some paint (well, skooshed really) onto the Jalopy. It looks pretty cool if I say so myself.
It looks very much like the rusty Death Cab that I was going for, like it's been runnig around in the desert getting beaten up for ages. It's till pretty speedy though and woe betide any ash wastes copper who thinks they can catch the Death Cab and arrest the passengers. Death Cab - we'll get you where you want to go, dead or alive!

I'm rapidly working my way through my BOYL projects. I glued together a load of MDF buildings. I've had these sitting around for a month or so but finally decided to unpack them. They are a bit fiddly to put together but they are cheap so you can't really argue. The nice thing is that it turns out that I had twice as much as I thought. My order seems to have been doubled, I'm not sure if this was my fault or the retailer but it does give me a load more stuff to use. I'll paint it up to match the rest of Ferrograd as I got a new pot of rust pigment in the post so I can go daft again!

Because I was doing so well with my painting/building I decided to sabotage it all by starting a couple of new figures to add to the pirate gang to bring them up to 16. Silly me.


  1. The death cab looks the business! It will deserve its name after I'm done with the crew thanks to my (well captain crooks') super killdozer !

  2. That cabby definitely looks like it must have run a few "ne'er do wells" down too! It has an evil look from the front. Great job Whiskey :)

  3. I look forward to a Death Cab vs Killdozer showdown, whilst Imamu's ride tries to get behind the victor! ;)


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