Saturday, 12 July 2014

The Fuzz!

I painted the Official from the adventurers range last night in an attempt to wean myself off World of Tanks. I painted him in the same colourss the Rogue Trooper traitor general as I wanted to use them as security officials (incredibly corrupt security officials with no loyalty to the imperium!) and leaders for the security troopers. With BOYL only a month away I'm starting to worry that I'm running out of time to get stuff done. What with work, visiting relatives and kids I reckon I'm going to be cutting it fine.

I want to paint some figures to represent customers in the Rusty Blaster. L to R, Adventurers range Elf Trader, Squat engineer and and a Spacelords civilian. One of these may or may not know something about hidden loot in Ferrograd.

As per usual when I'm under a self imposed deadline my attention wanders and I start looking for other projects to start. I 've already dug out the bits of old citadel brets that i've got lying about. The chap on the right is a bit of a rescue job. I bought a load of torsos and lance arms at salute years ago (5?) thinking that i'd be able to find legs no problem. After years of ebay lurking I've never had any luck. So I decided to cut up some of the placcy bret kniggets and use their legs instead. This guy along with his unit leader were and experiment to see if it would work. They are mounted on Front Rank horses and I reckon they'll work fine. I've enough figures to make two units of ten but I'll need to buy some more nags to mount the second unit.

I also had a quick look a resurrecting another knightly project. Above are 20 or so Voland's venators figures that I had collected for use as medieval knights. These being perry sculpts they were spot on late 15th century italian armour. They were the best figures about before the Perry's did there plastics. So they have languished for a couple of years lonely and forgotten. The plan is the get them painted up (I've already started on the knight) so that they can be added to.......
The 30 that I've already painted! Which will give me 50 knights. Add the yet to be finished Felderberg figs (20 Halberdiers, 20 Crossbowmen and 10 archers) and I've got myself a Empire Army! Add a unit of Estallian hand gunners and some mercenary dwarfs and perhaps some ogres.......

It's a disease you know.


  1. You know, I struggle to paint horses. Every time I start painting one it never gets finished.

    So I have to congratulate you on the ones you've finished & looking great too!

    1. I'm not a big fan of painting them myself. Devlan mud may be the greatest thing ever! Several shades of brown + wash + orignal colour highlight. Bish bash bosh!

  2. Love the Imperial Officials. I can imagine them co-ordinating raids on the Ferrograd criminal fraternity, only to receive big pay-offs to line their pockets!


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