Saturday, 5 July 2014

What is it with me and space pirates?

With this guy popping through my post box this morning I have finally completed collecting a range of figures! Woop. In this case it's the Bob Olley sculpted Iron Claw Space Pirates. 

The final figure, Captain Dunbar, took me bloody ages to get a hold of, but then apparently that's perfectly normal. I heard a programme about probability on radio 4 (yes I listen to Radio4!) and they were using collecting football stickers as and example. There is a preconception that there are certain stickers that are rarer than other but this is only down to perception. Probablity dictates that when you are looking for lots of things it's easier to find them as they are more likely to turn up. As you narrow down your parameters to the single item you are trying to find then the chances of it turning up are the same as all the others in a set turning up. But as you only want the one and the other 16 keep appearing then you get frustrated and assume that someone has made it deliberately hard by reducing the number there are to find! There, bear that in mind next time you're on ebay!

Anyway here are the rest of the human members of the Pirates. Some I've started to paint and others are still in their naked form.

 And here are the alien dudes that I painted some time ago. I'm going to add to this lot at some point with the space fishmen!

And just in case you think that all I ever go on about is Sci'fi and rogue trader here is a pic of some of the fantasy stuff I'm planning to get started on as soon as prep for BOYL is out of the way.
Here we have some half orcs (left) and Hobgoblins (right) that I've been doing as experiments for flesh colours. Hopefully the autumn will be full of fantasy goblinoid painting as I start to paint my first dedicated fantasy army EVER!


  1. It's not just you, the iron claw pirates are absolutely great models !
    I have only 4 to get myslef and Dunbar is one of them. Maybe the statistic thing is part of the difficulty we sense but some models are definitely harder to get than others, if I consider the chaos renegades; eveybody is having hard times getting the same 2 and for every range there's an example (why does everybody have at least 2 scavvy 1 and nobody ever sees a scavvy 3?).
    Goo thinhg you completed this range.
    Once I'm done with the rogue trader gangs for BOYL myslef, I'm going to take vacations in the fantasy side of things too ;)

  2. I love the Iron Claw Pirates, Banzai Jones and Pop Stewart in particular. Of course the jump troopers go with this set probably need them for it to be complete ;)

  3. I was unaware of the Iron Claw pirates until about six months ago for some reason, when I bought a lot of six or seven of them. After recently painting a lovely Olley sculpt and remembering how nice his work is to paint, I started to prioritise these guys. I currently only have ten though, so another seven (plus jump packers

    Nice work on the first batch. Im interested to see that you followed the alien skin tones as per the old studio paint jobs.


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