Sunday, 20 July 2014

This time I'm definately finished.....honest.

After some discussion with Cheetor about the make of his orky gang the Skallywags, I realised that I was going to need a couple of more figures to make Blovelt's Buccaneers at least equal in number. I was originally just going to use a couple of figures I already had painted but I thought, fuck it, Let's do some more!

So these two reprobates get added to the crew. The lefthand figure is from the citadel Judge Dredd range and is simply known as Dib, I liked his bowler hat and the fact that his pose made him fit in with the rest of the lads. The other figure is from the Adventurers range I discussed a couple of posts back. He's an 'Ex-Tech'. God knows what the means but he's armed with neat little flamer that should cause havoc in the narrow passages of Ferrograd.
And here are all the lads together. That little Arvus is going to be cramped as hell if they actually manage to get away with the loot!


  1. That's a good looking (for want of a better phrase) crew. I hope you and Cheetor don't mind spectators during your game (assuming that I'm not involved in something else at the time).

  2. You're more than welcome to come and spectate and chat if you're not busy. We're going for a laid back game as a way of getting to know each other at the start of what looks like being a very mad weekend. The more friends we attract, the better!

    1. I think I'm playing in 'Shadows of Rensburg' while you play this game. However, this is assuming that I can find enough time to get all the models painted (and time is getting tight!). If I don't end up with a warband to play with, then I'll be loitering around your table.

    2. Like Colin says, the pirate game is intended to be fun and achievably short, ice-breaker sort of way: an opportunity push some little guys around a cool looking table and hopefully have a few getting-to-know-you laughs. Everyone is welcome to come over for a look and a chat as far as I am concerned :)

  3. The rust effect on the bases looks great. I hope it doesn't rub off/come away in play.. Its a pigment yeah?

    I am also loving the variety of colours you have going through this mob. I thought about emulating this look when painting my Orlock gang. Somewhere along the line I ended up with the traditional blue jeans and white shirts.

    Your stuff is always inspiring and now I have a hankering to track down some Rogue Trader adventurers.

  4. I never saw the Judge Dredd range of minis growing up in Australia.....only came across them a couple of years ago while perusing blogs. They really are quite nice aren't they! Dib looks great!

    Well done on getting a painting project finished, always a major triumph for us mini painters :)

  5. They look really great! But you know no project is ever truly finished... ;) One day you'll find more additions, for sure, you know...

  6. Fantastic work on these and the other projects.


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