Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Sorting out the Hobgobs!

I haven't been posting a lot recently and for that you can blame World of Tanks which I recently downloaded on the Ipad. By christ it's addictive! So the post will be an attempt at focusing me away from trying to upgrade to a KV-1 and instead onto the more important job of army building! It occurred to me that I've never actually owned a proper Fantasy army. I've got figures that can be used as Bretonnians and Empire and bizarrely a lot of them are citadel figs but they were originally meant to be Medieval europeans. When I was a kid I had some orcs, some goblins, some skaven and some chaos Dwarves but it wasn't an army as such. Just all the fantasy figures I had. This time I want a proper army!
So I'm going to try and achieve this by collecting and painting an army that doesn't really exist.
Hobgoblins are in Warhammer Armies as a mercenary contingent and that's about it. So I need to use some guess work and some common sense to make up the army. As i'm only likely to play against other sensible old timers rather than competitive types I reckon that should be a good approach.
I've already discussed the models that I'm using here so I won't repeat my self so lets look at how I'm going to organise the army.

First of all 

Army General (who needs fixing) Shaman and Hero.I like the idea of the shaman summoning skeletons to send against the enemy.

In amongst this lot will be some of the figures that I'll use for the Hobyars. There will be 20 of them, probably led by the above hero. According to WA that'll be around about 249 points of frenzied, +1 shock elite (I'm actually not that sure I know what that means!)

The next regiment is going to be The mighty Throg and his hobgoblin despoilers of the Dark lands. 20 nasty boys inc a hero works out at 222points.

Believe it or not there are two regiments in the photo above.
First of all there is a regiment of 20 hobgoblins that'll be around about 200 points.
Secondly there will be a regiment of half-orcs I think there will end up being 28 of them including a hero and a shaman who will be helping to raise skeletons. I've also got  a slave Ogre and a couple of handlers but I'm not sure where I can find the rules for them. Anybody point me in the right direction? The half-orcs will work out to be about 525 but that is including the characters.

Next up is a unit of 10 black Orcs. Big nasty green gits. Including a hero would be 142 points.

I've also got 20 gobbo archers at about 100 points.
Alod toeing the hobgoblin line will be 20 orc arrer boys (actually Harboth's Orc Archers, on their way from the land of eBAy) and these will be about 226.
In addition I've got two units of wolfriders that'll work out roughly at 600 points (i'm being generous, I'll have to do some working out).
A couple of spear Chukkas at 46.5 points each.
That works out at about 2500points. Not bad!

Expansion will consist of a couple of units of Orc merecenaries, some more machines to chuck stuff and some gobbo wolfriders or orc boar riders. Whatever comes really.

I did manage to glue the Jalopy together. Just need to paint it now.

And I've also started to put together scenery bits for the Ferrograd board. More of which hopefully in the next post.


  1. love the jalopy! I'm going to put mine together in a week or so. Any idea how the game is going to be organised, or will it just be a free-for-all?

    Looking forward to seeing the Orc and Gobbo regiments as you finish them.

    1. To be honest the Gorka-Morka bash is the least organised game so far. I'm not even sure if anybody has taken charge so i assume it'll just be a massive free for all.

      Which should be fun! :)


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