What I did (but didn't show you) and didn't do in 2016.

Reverse Tsundoku with Dragons

Nope - A Rogue Stars review

Confrontation or Confrontation?

Jonis Borson



Battle in the badlands

Death comes to orc town

The Last of the Brothers Dim

Pointless Anthropology or When is a Barbarian not a Barbarian?

A Legendary Death in the Low countries


Papa Nurgle's pest removal service

More Metal-clad Mean Man-things

Nasty men for Nasty Jobs

Stunties for November

Russ Nicholson built my Hammer

Remember, Remember.....

Larceny in Lovely Lustria

WTF is a Demogorgon?

Snicket Rampant 2 - the return of the Rat

Big Fat Smelly Bastards

Zenithal = Piece of piss

Future Shockinitsi

Rockabully Witherwattle


Sticky Fingers

Young, Gifted and Blackshield

Buckling your swash in the Emperors name


The Bridge at Bergring-er-ding - A Donnybrook battle

Shake yer Mutie


The Root of all Evil

Paranoia Blues

The Wipsters+ @Knavecon 7

Knavecon here we come!

Tradgardmastare! Come on down!

I was Oldhammer before it was a thing!

Happy Birthday- Emporium of Rogue Dreams