Big Fat Smelly Bastards

After the very soggy family camping trip I finally got down to finishing off these big fat bad boys. They are actually a whole load of fun to paint, so much so that I'm considering a second set as the chaos war bands version of AOS has Blightkings as the main choice in the gurgle war bands. I'm going to be doing some chaos warriors using some old school figures and i've already got some mounted thugs so I've got a good start. Once thats done we'll see what else we can scrape together.

I'm not that pleased with the pics as they all look like i've been putting filters on them but i swear it's just a very bright day and the first load I took earlier looked ridiculous but these give you a better idea of what they look like. They are a bit brighter in real life but you'll have to play me to find out.

Anyway I'm not going to blether on as I said a lot about how these were painted in the previous post so here are some individual pics of the crew.


  1. I like your colour choices. Solid work.

  2. Putridly brill. Is the chaos warband list an official AoS thing? Been thinking of trying out its rules again

  3. The colur scheme is fantastic. Papa Nurgle will be pleased.

  4. I've got that set too, they are surprisingly versatile. I'm contemplating getting a second set as well. Oh, and lovely painting as usual!

  5. nice apart from the round bases.

  6. Those worked out brilliantly.

    The blueish tinge to some of the leaders flesh is gorgeous.

    I like the bluebottle green on the guy with the fly motif too.

    A brilliant start. I can't wait to get a game in against those guys :)


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