Battle in the badlands

Lord Frunbil had searched for years. The stories of the famous gem mine that had once belonged to his family were legendary. The thought of all that wealth hidden away somewhere in the badlands had kept him awake for many a night. At last though he had found the entrance to the abandoned works. Or at least that's what he hoped. By the time he and his band of hardy dwarf adventurers had reached their goal it was already late in the afternoon. They decided there was time to set up the demolition charges that would clear the entrance but that they would wait till the next day to set them off. They settled down to an excited but well earned sleep.

They woke the next day to here unfamiliar noises in the valley below their camp.

Scouting around in the fog they realised that they were far from alone

Heavily armed warriors of chaos had followed their trail and were spreading out across the gloaming.

Human bandits and mercenaries had followed them from their last stopping point in the Border Princes. Tarbrin's tongue had been loosened by too many ales and he had told the men of the Dwarfs plans.

And to make things worse, a tribe of half-orcs had returned to 'their' valley and found it stinking of dwarf. Things were not looking good!

And this was how we introduced Neil's step son to the world of Wrahammer Fantasy! We were playing it pretty light and basically ignored the need to rank up etc in favour of a looser game.

With a couple of wizards, one with the Dwarfs and one with the Chaos warriors there were fireballs and lightning bolts pinging about all over the place, mist was cast to slow the warriors down but by far the most popular spell was Leg Breaking which were entirely aimed at the poor old troll that accompanied the Half-orcs.

The chaos warriors split up, one group decided to go and deal with the Humans coming round their flank and the other rampaged off towards the dwarf encampment in the ruins outside the mine entrance.

The second group of men headed over to deal with some of the Half-orcs and a long drawn out combat ensued round the base of one of the ancient statues.

Lord Frunbil's retinue moved to guard the cave entrance and to try to lure the chaos warriors into attacking them so that they'd be caught in the explosion of the mine clearance, the fuse was fizzing it's way towards the cave.

At the last moment the chaos warriors decided to charge a unit of Half-orcs and their limping troll (he'd fended off at least 3 attempts to break his other leg from the mean old wizards!)

Meaning that nobody was hurt when the mine finally blew!

More of the bandits joined in the fight on the hill with the half orcs. It was tooing and froing with man and half man falling at each others feet.

Only the Troll was left to tie up the remainder of the Chaos Warriors. The evil sorcerer was stunned when shots came flying towards him from the ruins. Obviously some of the dwarfs had black powder weapons, however, he was sure they couldn't hit the side of a barn at that dist........

Suddenly an eerie glow issued from the mouth of the cave as the form of a Wight, trapped for centuries in the depth of the mine, coalesced in the daylight and advanced on the living.

The last of the men fell on the hill leaving on two half orcs to taste victory. The troll lay dead in the middle of the field. The Chaos warriors finished off the last of the Dwarven adventurers in the ruins and bandits fired their last arrows into the force of Chaos warriors and the forests edge.

The Wight floated across the Valley and was approached at the charge by the remaining servants of Chaos. Perhaps unaware of what they had encountered they paid their price for their ignorance and were each, in turn, frozen into stone. The Wight turned his attention to the remaining dwarves, who upon seeing one of their number destroyed, turned and ran from the field. The Bandit leader pulled an ancient arrow from his quiver and stared at it thoughtfully. If what the old wizard had told told him was true, then it should be able to bring peace to the undead. He pulled the bow string taught and let the arrow fly. It hit it's target and with a scream like the sound of thousand winds crying out in pain, the wight was no more. The treasure in the mine was all his to with as he willed.


  1. Well played! Sounds like a great introduction to a fine fine hobby right there. Hope everyone had fun, even if the poor dwarves are stuck crying in their beer.

  2. Oh yes agreed! The prisma report is outstanding! I'm going to have to give this a go now. ;)

  3. Wouldn't have dared to do this myself but now I see it works ! Well done.

  4. Nice report but i would prefer to see the miniatures properly.

    1. There are only a couple of new figures in there so I thought I'd experiment a little. I've no intention of making it a regular thing.

    2. Glad to hear, i need my painted mini fix.


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